Lion has the misfortune of having punishment day line up with a football game. I don’t even remember if we celebrated last Spanksgiving with a special spanking session. If so, does that mean he needs three spankings today? For that matter, do I need to catch up on the punishment days he missed when he wasn’t feeling well? All interesting questions.

I had planned to spank him this morning to get punishment day out of the way. Unfortunately, we did our signature I-don’t-need-to-get-out-of-bed-so-I-won’t move, and the morning slipped by. Not to worry. I’ll get him just before he goes into his office. Then we just have the football game to deal with.

As much as I want to believe in our football team, they had a few injuries last week, and they played poorly. The team they’re playing beat them once this season, and I have no doubt they will beat them again. There was a time when I was convinced our team lost when I watched the game. Sometimes it seemed like my wearing anything resembling the team colors made them lose. In truth, I guess they just sucked. Sometimes I’d consider rooting for the opponent just to throw some of my bad juju at them. I refuse to root for the opponent today. I hate them as much as Lion hates the other division rivals. Anyway, I think Lion is in for quite a few football swats today.

We usually record the game and watch it at our convenience. I think we need to watch it early enough today that Lion can’t claim to be trying to digest the big Thanksgiving dinner. It’s true he’ll be sitting on sore buns while we eat. However, doing his swats early means there may be time for other, more fun things later on. We can’t let a big dinner get in the way of that, either.

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