We didn’t do anything BDSM-related last night. I did, however, give Lion the beginnings of a nice handjob. He’d have preferred that I keep going to an orgasm. You can’t always get what you want. Besides, if I’d given him an orgasm last night, he wouldn’t be horny tonight. I have to keep him wanting more. Isn’t that the premise of male chastity? He can’t have an orgasm unless I say he can have an orgasm. And I say, giving him an orgasm only four days after the last one doesn’t necessarily make him desperate.

I know. No one ever said he has to be desperate. There’s a fine line between making him wait to keep him horny and making him wait till he’s not really interested anymore. I don’t know that there’s an exact timing for it either. Sometimes he’s horny the day after an orgasm. Sometimes it takes a few days. He may stay horny for two weeks or he could lose interest after a week. When I say he loses interest, I don’t mean he can’t be aroused. It just takes a bit more doing.

In the past, I’ve varied his wait times, but the average is twelve days, I think. His longest wait is 28 days. That’s me actively making him wait. He’s waited longer when he’s recovering from surgery or when I’ve completely fallen down on the job. We both decided waiting that long isn’t necessary. He’s not turned on by the idea of waiting months on end for an orgasm. He’s not trying to prove anything to anyone. I usually make him wait 7-15 days.

This time around, since I’m trying to get back in the swing of things, I haven’t decided if it’s better to make him wait or not. On one hand, I seem to get into trouble when I give him an orgasm after a short wait. I tend to think he’s not horny right away, so I don’t have to give him attention, and then inertia sets in. In that case, it might be better to make him wait, so I get better at teasing him at least every other day. On the other hand, is it fair to make him wait till I get my act together? Assuming I tease him regularly, it’s not like he’s missing out on anything. Well, yes, he’s missing out on orgasms, but he’s still getting all revved up. Let’s not forget that I love giving him orgasms. And, of course, I love the elusive cream filling. What to do? What to do?

I’m sure Lion will be happy no matter what I decide to do as long as he gets the attention he needs. Well, maybe not exactly happy. He’ll like the attention. He’ll love the orgasms.

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