Can I Have Some More, Please?

Lion got a reprieve last night. I forgot about spanking him until I was in the shower. Then I decided it was more important to get my medications ready than to spank him. Yes, I know it’s important to spank him and to follow through, but I need my meds. I stop everything when I have to do his medicine. Same thing. He’ll get his spanking today.

On the way home from the store yesterday, I remembered that Lion needs a haircut. Since COVID, I’ve been doing most of his haircuts. I don’t do a professional job, but I do the best I can. He’s not embarrassed to be seen in public. I don’t take giant chunks of hair off and leave him half bald. He says I cut it short, but I don’t think it’s any shorter than his barber cuts it. I could shave his head if he complains too much. (He doesn’t really complain.)

Assuming I spank Lion early enough, maybe on his way out of the shower, I’ll have to make use of the massage table again for some fun. I haven’t given any more thought to restraining him on it, but we can still play. It might be time for some IcyHot on his balls. Why not? I’ve used clothespins and ball bondage lately. He says I like CBT more than anything. The other alternative is anal play. How much anal play could we do? When we first started playing, I worried that things could get boring. Little did I know how many more things he would have me doing to him. However, a lot of it is still CBT. It’s just various ways of torturing weenie and the boys. When he says I do a lot of CBT, I have to wonder if he’s not bored with it. Of course, we’re coming up on twenty years together so it stands to reason there would be a feeling of the same old, same old at times.

In five days, as a matter of fact, it will be twenty years since he first discovered my picture on LavaLife and contacted me. In eight days, it will be the twentieth anniversary of the first day we met, and had sex. We always say it both feels like the blink of an eye and like we’ve been together forever. I’d like another twenty years, please.