Is Male Masturbation More Than A Sexual Indulgence?

Mrs. Lion set up the new massage table on Sunday evening. I climbed on board, and she jerked me off using lube. It took a while, but she got me there. It was my 18th day of waiting. The orgasm was odd. I felt it coming and got most of the usual muscle contractions. But there wasn’t a grand finale. It felt good and then stopped. I wondered if I ejaculated. Mrs. Lion reported that I did. This is the first time in months. Go figure.

I’ve had less-than-spectacular orgasms before. They usually occur after a long wait. Maybe my body needs to get back into shape. More frequent orgasms might keep my sexual responses tuned. Could this be why males almost universally masturbate? It can’t be a coincidence that these strange orgasms happen when I haven’t ejaculated in some time. From my experience, edging seems just as good for sexual conditioning as full orgasms. Well, maybe not quite as good, but good enough.

Male chastity has taught me some interesting lessons about my sexuality. I never particularly liked jerking off, but felt driven to do it if sex with a partner didn’t seem in the offing. I didn’t think much about it. When Mrs. Lion trained me not to masturbate, it was like breaking a habit that wasn’t too important for me. Sure, I wanted to jerk off. But I didn’t feel that I was missing something important when I couldn’t.

I wonder if my desire to masturbate has less to do with sex than maintaining the sexual equipment. Could that be why it is such a male obsession? Male chastity is mostly about masturbation prevention. There’s an element of teasing and delayed partner sex. Mostly it’s about preventing the male from getting himself off. Increasing the time between orgasms is a way to challenge his instinct to jerk off. As most of us learned early on, the desire for sex drops off after a while if masturbation or partner sex is withheld.

Since I’ve been trained not to masturbate, making me wait doesn’t increase my desire to masturbate. I don’t think about it. I’m not even sure I could get myself off. It increases my desire for Mrs. Lion to get me off, but only to a point. After a week or two, I’m not that motivated. Sure, I love it when she gets me aroused and either edges me or gets me off. If she doesn’t, it’s not a big deal. Is this change the result of not keeping the equipment in tune?

I don’t think anyone has studied the changes a man makes if he can’t masturbate. There have been studies of men who lost the ability to have sex. I don’t know of any that caused healthy, sexually-active males to lose the ability to get off at will. Even so-called celibate males, like priests, enjoy masturbation (at least, I think they do). I don’t think I’m damaged by male chastity. Maybe the changes are temporary and can be reversed. I doubt I’ll find out. I didn’t expect this. I thought that masturbation was just a way of relieving sexual pressure. Maybe it has a more basic value.

Hot weather is finally hitting us in the Pacific Northwest. Like in England, most people here don’t have air conditioning. On hot days the nighttime temperatures drop into the sixties, so sleeping is comfortable. June of 2021 was exceptional. We had over a week of ninety-degree-plus temperatures. It cooled off at night, but we weren’t prepared for the heat. I don’t think we are better prepared this year.

Mrs. Lion and I have three portable air conditioners. They have enough cooling power to keep the house comfortable on most hot days. Unless it goes over 100o, we should stay cool. I’m not sure about our power grid. About three-quarters of our power is hydroelectric. There are dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers, as well as some smaller tributaries. Chances are that we will be fine. That’s one advantage of few people having air conditioners.