We have a strange “room” in our house between the hallway and two bedrooms. It’s not big enough to do much with, but too big to do nothing with. My desk is there. There’s an air conditioner in the living room/kitchen area, one in Lion’s office, and one in the master bedroom. Theoretically, all three of them should converge in my little office area. I also have a fan to help. It works pretty well. Unfortunately, the weather station is on the shelf over my desk, alerting me that’s it’s currently 95 degrees outside. Blech! Please don’t let the power go out.

I am usually hotter than Lion is. I don’t think it’s menopause anymore. That baking from the inside problem should be over by now. I like the air conditioner on in the bedroom, and he’s cold even when he’s under the blankets. Ironically, he’s like a furnace when I try to get near him. Maybe he loses all his body heat, so he feels cold. In winter, my hands can be ice cold, but I still feel warm. Go figure. It’s just another way we’re opposite.

I’m still not feeling 100 percent. I don’t know if it’s the heat, recovering from COVID, or what. Everything feels like it takes far more energy than it should. By the time I’m done with work, which isn’t all that strenuous by the way, I’m ready to relax. Lion wants to play earlier, so I guess my relaxation will have to come later from now on. That’s fine. I hope I’ll only be feeling less than 100 percent for a while. I have to feel better soon, right?

Tonight, I’ll set up the massage table again. I don’t have any more ideas of what to do with him. He’ll probably suggest spanking because he thinks he’s due for one. But if I spank him, then that means no sex. Maybe he’s okay with that. Some attention might be better than none.

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