We tested the massage table yesterday. I think it was around 5. I had no idea what I was going to do with Lion. He’d asked if he had to wait until later. I wasn’t sure I’d have any more idea what to do with him later, so I got things ready.

Aside from waxing him on the other massage table, the only thing I’ve done is give him a hand job. I brought some lube and a box of tissues in and started off with a ball and weenie massage. The table is a little higher than the spanking bench but lower than the other massage table. I had no idea how to adjust it beforehand, so I left it the way it was. As I jerked him off, I worked my other hand toward his asshole. It turns out the table will need to be a little higher for me to comfortably peg him while jerking him off. It may not work then, but it was definitely not comfortable at that height. Live and learn.

It had been 18 days since his last orgasm. He might have missed a few days when he wasn’t feeling well. I don’t keep track. That’s his job. I wasn’t sure if I should edge him or give him an orgasm. In the end, I decided to see if he could go all the way. I know he’s been horny. I also know he may not be back to full strength. Not only did he make it all the way, he actually produced semen. Sure. He would since he had lube all over, and I couldn’t enjoy it. Dammit.

I’m really just glad he got to come, and giving me any sort of cream filling is a very nice bonus. I hope he continues to do it. He said it was another weird orgasm. I wonder if the two things are connected somehow. His last few orgasms have been less than satisfactory for him. Maybe the cream filling will bring him more enjoyable orgasms. I hope so.

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