Mr. Weenie: Lie Detector

I am knee-deep in work problems. I have what I’ve come to characterize as a weekday headache. And Lion just asked, at 2:20 pm, if I’m writing a post today. Wasn’t it supposed to publish at 2? Yup. Great. By the way, the weekday headache differs from the weekend headache by the lack of knee-deep work problems. And, yes, I’ve asked the doctor and she’s not concerned about them. Gotta love doctors.

Anyway, I was able to get Lion excited enough to play with last night. I was using my hand because I was quite full and oral wouldn’t have gone well. I was surprised he was as excited as he was. I’m not sure I understand his timeline anymore. He used to be less horny for a day or two after an orgasm. I couldn’t get him hard to save my life. His sweet spot used to be 4-7 days. Now he’s horny almost immediately after an orgasm. I don’t really know what his sweet spot is except that he’s gone 10 days a few times recently. Between the orgasm and the 10 day mark, whether he’s horny or not fluctuates. I guess that’s normal for anyone, but Lion isn’t just anyone. If I miss my opportunity, it may be days before the planets align again.

Of course, that’s not entirely true. I have ways of getting Lion aroused. Unless his mind is getting in the way, I can spank him or use my BDSM wiles to put him in the mood. Mr. Weenie usually perks right up when pain comes to play. Lion will say he’s not a masochist, but I think it’s pretty clear he is. What else would you call someone who is turned on by clothespins on his balls and being tied up? He can say he doesn’t like pain, but Mr. Weenie gives him away. He’s like a sexual lie detector.


  1. OW! OW! OW! OW! Never in a million years. The appointments lady at my gastroenterologist’s office asked if I had seen the “get acquainted” video of my upcoming colonoscopy and endoscopy. I told her I was already pretty well acquainted with my anus and rectum and didn’t need to see the video, and the same with my esophagus. But, the real story is that I am squeamish about anatomical things, even the charts of the human innerds in the exam room. Ergo, seeing unnatural + painful household items gripping Lion’s Mr. Wiggle like limpets on algae covered rocks makes my own rocks attempt to flee into my abdomen. And what about Mr. Lion’s own sack of rocks? Doesn’t that hurt like hell? Or is that the whole point? It makes me wince to just look at his poor horse and buggy. Doesn’t it hurt Lion too much?? How long can he go without begging you to take them off? You couldn’t get them on me to save your life, but even if you managed to, I would promise you anything to get them off of me.

    1. Author

      Lion can manage most of the torture devices I use. He winces a little, mostly when they go on or off. The ones that make him beg are the nasty little ones. Not only are they nasty, but I put them on the head of his penis so they hurt much more. He really has to concentrate to handle those. However, he may beg, but I think he’s only used his safeword once when they were too much to bear. And, yes, pain is the whole point of it. It turns the silly boy on.

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