Where Is the Cute Cabana Boy?


We were supposed to get a month’s worth of rain in three days. It poured Friday night. The sun was out Saturday morning and I decided to take a run at mowing the lawn. It was warm and it took two tries to get half of it done. The sky was getting dark when I hit my limit the second time. I put everything away in case I didn’t make it out for round three. Within an hour it was pouring again. I have no idea when it will be dry enough to do the rest.

Needless to say, mowing the lawn wiped me out. It took a long time to recover enough to even contemplate taking a shower. After that, it took a while to be able to go make dinner. And another little while to do the dishes. The last two items were less about recovery and more about lack of desire to do them. I guess my lack of desire bled over into playing with Lion or even snuggling. I shouldn’t have let it. I made a promise to Lion to give him attention at least every other night. Sometimes I just feel like I need a vacation from life. I want to be able to lie by the pool and have umbrella drinks served to me by a cute cabana boy. I don’t really like lying by the pool, but you get the idea.

This morning, I woke up to pain in my shoulder. I have no idea what did it. I don’t remember doing anything yesterday that could have caused it. I was fine in the middle of the night when Lion turned on the TV. By 7 am I could no longer roll onto that side to sleep. Lion said it wasn’t from playing with his weenie. “Buh, buh, buh.” Nope. I can’t blame it on that. I’m sure it will be fine once I take some Tylenol.

Lion will probably need waxing in the next week or so, but today he’ll get a haircut. He says he feels shaggy, but he won’t let me give him a crew cut. Just think of how long it would be until he feels shaggy again if he would only let me buzz him. No? Fine.