Today (Sunday) is my 11th day since ejaculation. I’m in the middle of my horniness sweet spot. Over the years of my male chastity, we’ve discovered that my interest in ejaculating varies as time goes by. Predictably, my interest in sex is fairly low during the first four days. I rapidly gain interest from the fourth to the seventh day. At the one-week mark, I’m near my peak. By the tenth day, I am ready to hump trees. This continues until about the fourteenth day, when it begins to fall off. After the seventeenth day, it’s difficult to edge me. I’m sexually unpredictable.

When my level is between three and five, I may be edged and brought to orgasm. It may take a lot of time and effort to get me there. Probably, I will “stall” and be unable to get close. I don’t understand this, but it appears to be a consistent pattern. I have an orgasmic sweet spot.

Interestingly, many women who write about controlling their partners’ orgasms end up saying that the optimum time between ejaculations is seven to ten days. They don’t tell why. Maybe that is the female sweet spot as well.

My average is getting closer to fifteen days. I have no idea why, but I ejaculate only twice a month. This average is close enough to my sweet spot to permit Mrs. Lion the ability to produce ejaculation without too much fuss and bother. These statistics are based on a single sexual session a day. Mrs. Lion has yet to attempt arousing me several times before the session. [Mrs. Lion — I do arouse him when I wax him and then we usually play later on.] I wonder if that wouldn’t extend the sweet spot and push my level of arousal past its current peak.

Sometimes during my particularly horny period, I will tease myself until I am hard and excited. On days I do that, our sex session is generally easier for Mrs. Lion. I remember my earlier arousal, and it fuels the serious sexual session. I asked Mrs. Lion to try this with me. If she decides to give it a shot, we can see if it changes my chart.

The chart is based on when Mrs. Lion can edge or get me off in a session. Levels zero through three represent sessions where I get hard but don’t get close to the edge. When I hit level six and above, I can be edged and made to ejaculate. It happens in less time and more intensely for me at levels eight and above. While this is a reliable guide, there are times when I should be at the height of horniness when I can’t reach the edge.

I’m convinced that “preloading” sessions will make me much more reliable. Simply getting me hard a couple of times in advance of our session may add to my reliability and pleasure. Even if it doesn’t, I think it could become big fun for both of us.

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