Yet Another Experiment

Lion was able to save his buns by having an orgasm last night. I’m not sure how I feel about spanking him for not being able to have one, but we’re going to try it for now. As I was sucking him, I thought that I might tweak the idea a little bit by telling him when I’d just be teasing him and when I expected him to have an orgasm. I don’t know if that will have the intended effect, and we’ll probably do what he wants anyway. [Lion — That’s an excellent idea.]

In his post yesterday, Lion mentioned that Julie suggested he start masturbating again to jump-start his libido. One of his worries was that if he masturbates, I won’t be inclined to play with him anymore. Actually, I thought that he’d only be allowed to masturbate in front of me. That way, I’d know how often he was doing it, and I might even lend a hand or mouth, from time to time. Ironically, the idea of spanking him if he doesn’t have an orgasm would be more likely to stop me from playing with him. Maybe that’s why I came up with the idea of tweaking it.

I think Lion is determined to do over-the-knee spanking. He showed me a video of a couple with similar body types as us and said it could work. While I acknowledge that our present position isn’t working, I don’t really like the idea of over the knee. I change positions too often to adjust where I’m swatting him. I can’t do that if he’s across me. I’m not sure I could continue for as long as he wants me to if he’s on me. I think it would limit my selection of paddles. The longer-handled paddles would be difficult to use.

It occurs to me that the only way to rule out (or in) over-the-knee spanking is to try it for a while. Since Lion doesn’t get himself in trouble often enough, another spanking experiment is in order. If I’m whomping him long enough to create sore spots and bruises, I can’t very well spank him every night. Of course, if over the knee doesn’t produce bruises right off the bat, I can do it every night. I’m proposing spanking Lion over the knee every night to start out. If bruising becomes an issue, we’ll go to every other night and adjust further if needed. If over the knee does not work, Lion can still benefit from nightly, or near-nightly, spanking. At the very least, we need to work on a non-over-the-knee position. He moves around too much and slides off the bed with our current arrangement.

The problem with a spanking experiment at this point, of course, is that I can’t do the experiment and spank him for not having an orgasm at the same time without it being confusing what I’m spanking him for. If Lion is fine with my stating why he’s being swatted at the beginning of a session, we shouldn’t have too much of a problem. Obviously, If Lion reacts to spanking as a sort of foreplay and it helps his libido, it doesn’t really matter why he’s being spanked. Mr. Weenie’s reaction is the important thing. [Lion — That works for me.]


  1. I love to be spanked over my wife’s knee. As far as implement she has a large collection of hairbrushes, many of which are ebony. Appropriate hairbrushes seem to be hard to find but you might check Amazon for clothes brushes. So a search on ‘Kxtffeect ‘ and you will find what looks like a perfect OTK spanking brush. Its almost ten inches long and is priced at less than eleven dollars. It has a nice flat back and what looks like a comfortable handle.

    1. Author

      We have a hairbrush paddle. I’m more concerned about the leverage of a shorter paddle. Of course, I’m not fond of OTK spanking anyway.

  2. You need to experiment. After all, if something goes wrong, you can always make adjustments.

  3. I think that one should always say why Leo gets spanked. After all, this is a punishment. And the punishment must have a reason.

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