Lion’s favorite slot machine is Little Shop of Horrors. He won on that one last night.

Lion wanted to go to the casino. We used to go all the time, sometimes multiple times a week. It ceased to be fun for me. He likes the lights and sounds of the slot machines. The problem for me is that you have to win for the lights and sounds to happen. I don’t mind losing if I do so slowly. Within a half hour, I’d lost all my money. We rarely like the same games. I don’t win on games he likes, and he doesn’t win on games I like. He may end up the night losing money, but he’s lost more slowly, and he’s had a show along the way. I’m just as happy playing a game on my phone sitting next to him.

Not only did Lion lose money, he also missed out on the chance to have an orgasm. Was it worth it? Yeah. He likes the bells and whistles of the slot machines. And he doesn’t get out of the house much. Plus, let’s face it, he’ll get his orgasm tonight or tomorrow night anyway. He didn’t miss a thing. He’s a lucky boy in that respect.

This long weekend has been rainy for us. Our summer doesn’t start until after the fourth of July. We get a mostly rainless three months. That’s one reason it’s so nice to have our indoor gardens. There’s no way we’d get any vegetables from a garden in our yard. Between no sun and too much rain, we’d have to fight pests for most of the yield. This way, the only pest we have to deal with is the dog. From my point of view, I didn’t have to drag dirt in or dig in it. I don’t have to get down on hands and knees to weed or water. Lion is able to tend his plants on his own, for the most part. I never did like gardening. My father and grandfather are shuddering in their graves after that statement.

If the rain holds off, I might grill some burgers for dinner. We can pretend it’s almost summer even if we still have a ways to go.

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