Our Twitter Followers Don’t Want To Read About Spanking

I started a survey on Twitter asking what sort of stuff our followers would like to read on the blog. So far (the survey has a couple of days to run), 72 percent want orgasm control and male chastity device posts. Only seven percent want to read about spanking, and 20 percent about domestic discipline. Since the survey is on Twitter, it may indicate what tweets people want to see. Some never discover the tweets announcing each post are linked to the blog.

Our site stats tell a different story. Bear in mind that a large percentage of our readers come from searches for specific topics. Nevertheless, it’s all we have. The largest number (since 2021) of readers go to our first page, which is the current post. Next is “How to cage your man,” a page about chastity devices and male chastity. The next most popular is “Disciplinary Wives HandbookChapter 2: How To Punish Your Husband.” This is a spanking page and was generally reached via searches. It was a close second to the male chastity page. The next page is “Now He’s Locked Up, What’s Next.”

Based on our site stats, it looks like there is a slight bias toward male chastity pages. Our most popular titles are static pages that can be reached via the menu on the top of our web page and in the mobile menu. This makes sense since these pages have been around for a while. Don’t get me wrong, there are thousands of page views for our blog posts, but none as popular as some of the static content. Far and away, our home page is the most popular.

Based on all this, I think our Twitter followers are biased toward male chastity. That’s not too surprising. All of the survey responses come via my personal followers. I didn’t retweet the poll on the site’s Twitter feed. We have another audience that I can’t track, our podcast. Our posts are provided as podcasts on most podcast providers. You can hear our posts if you have an Amazon Alexa by saying, “Alexa, play the Male Chastity Journal podcast.” Amazing, huh? We are also on Apple, Google, and lots of others. We use a computer voice for our posts. It isn’t that we need to hide as much as the time it would take to record each post.

We realize that orgasm control and male chastity are why we started the blog. It’s hard to write endless posts about frustrating me. Ho, hum, it’s been six days since my last orgasm. Nope, not exciting. That’s not to say that there isn’t more to write. There is. I plan to write about some of the long-term effects of being under orgasm control. I also want to write more about aging and all this stuff. Yes, we will also be writing about spanking and domestic discipline.


  1. Speaking for myself, i regard male chastity as a part of better home discipline in FLRs. Better home discipline also necessarily includes spanking, sometimes harshly, of erring husbands and boyfriends. There are many facets to spanking, and to corporal punishment as a whole, e.g. restraining with straps and buckles, Segufix restraining, spanking/whipping benches and trestles, bondage beyond simple restraining, spanking implements and how best to use them, DIY spanking implements, etc. Chastity is an important component of male discipline and orgasm denial and extends into age play and other areas. However, once you have a full discussion of the best chastity devices, new market products, how to put on a chastity correctly, and edging, orgasm denial, and the psychological and physical effects on the partners re: long and short period male chastity, there isn’t that much more. I mean, the guy’s dick is locked up for who knows how long, the wife really enjoys his forced erectile dysfunction and inability to pleasure himself, or have normal intercourse with his wife, and there you go…pretty much end of story.
    I think the disappointing survey results re: spanking in your blog, is an underestimation of the number of us wbo perhaps like the cp as much or more than the chastity. I hope you both will continue to keep spanking at least as important as chastity in your excellent blog.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the support. It makes sense for us to write about what is happening in our lives. Since we have been doing all of this stuff for a while, it’s not surprising that our direction has changed. Never fear, we will continue writing about spanking and domestic discipline. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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