A Few Tricks Up My Sleeve

shockcollar underballs

We didn’t get the early start I’d hoped for yesterday. Life has a way of intruding. Lion requested that we start before 9:30. We didn’t start at 9:30 the previous night. Sometimes he exaggerates. It was, however, after 8:30 and even that’s too late. I made sure to get the dishes done and get back to Lion soon after 8.

What I really need to do tonight is to tie his balls or tie him to the bed. I need to do something that will get him excited enough to counteract the later hour. Depending on when we eat dinner, we can record Jeopardy and watch it later so we can play a little earlier. I’m not sure what good a half hour to an hour would make, but it may help. Between that and tying him up in some capacity, maybe I can get him to the edge. I’d much rather get him all the way to an orgasm, but I’ll take what I can get.

He jokingly, I hope, said he was broken last night. I don’t think he is. I think there are several things conspiring against him. He’s been working on another book. Any time he’s engrossed in writing, he’s less excitable. He’s worrying about money. My job brings in around a third of what his job did. That’s a problem. He’s been worrying about making me do everything around here. He wants to help, but it’s difficult for him. And, of course, the later it gets in the evening/night, the more difficult it is to get anywhere with sex. I’m powerless to do anything about most of that. The only thing I can do is try to give him his attention earlier. We’ll work on that tonight.

On the other hand, maybe we’ll watch Jeopardy at the normal time with him in his shock collar. A few zaps for incorrect answers my encourage him to be hornier. There’s no reason we can’t try both on different days. If he doesn’t have his orgasm tonight trying an earlier start time, maybe he’ll have one tomorrow night after Zapardy.