Three Male Chastity Questions

Over the years, we have gotten many requests for information about male chastity. Here are the three most common ones we get.

will my penis get smaller?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about wearing a male chastity device. Since the device prevents erections, some men fear that their penises will shrink. This isn’t true. Erection prevention is frustrating but not at all harmful. The theory is that if it isn’t allowed to inflate the penis, it will lose flexibility and not grow as much. Aging will make your penis shrink a little, but not wearing a chastity device.

is orgasm control habit-forming?

Yes! I wore a male chastity device 24/7 for over three years. I was only unlocked when Mrs. Lion wanted to tease me or give me an orgasm. Otherwise, my penis was inaccessible to me. Once I was allowed to run wild (no cage), I lost my desire to masturbate. It just never occurred to me that I could jerk off. I haven’t gotten myself off since 2013–not once. I have learned to patiently wait for Mrs. Lion to give me release. I think she would be very surprised if I demanded an orgasm or tried to jerk off. It’s just the way things are. I don’t think that we could decide to stop. If we did, I probably wouldn’t get to have an orgasm until we decided to start again. I don’t control what sex I get. Mrs. Lion is in charge of that.

How can I try male chastity if I can’t get a device that fits?

This is a complex subject. We have several articles about fitting male chastity devices (see the menu at the top of our web page). The simple fact is that all penises are not alike. They vary in flaccid length, thickness, relationship to the scrotum, etc. You are very lucky if you can find an off-the-shelf male chastity device that is comfortable to wear. You can probably get a device that you can handle for a weekend for less than $50. Longer-term wear requires custom fitting.

First, forget about security. A male chastity device is not a prison that you can attempt to escape. It’s an educational aid to help a man learn to stop masturbating and allow his partner to control his sexual activities. It isn’t meant to challenge you to get your dick out. It’s there to help. Since men are the ones asking to be locked up, it makes no sense to try to escape. The important thing is to find a device that fits. You can do that, but it won’t be cheap. The typical custom device costs about $400. Once you decide that you want to be kept chaste, it’s worth the investment. We have several articles to help you.

There are lots of questions that people ask about chastity device fitting. If you read the various forums, I guarantee you will get more confused. The best thing to do is keep it simple. Try to buy a device that matches your measurements. Don’t worry, they will be wrong the first time. Fitting a device takes time and patience.


  1. Das Tragen eines KG kann durchaus die Erektionsfähigkeit des Penis beeinträchtigen. Ich trage seit 10 Jahren ununterbrochen einen Käfig bzw. Keuschheitsgürtel 24/7/365 auf Geheiss meiner Eheherrin. Ich bringe keine Erektion mehr für eine Penetration zu Stande.

    1. Author

      Here’s a translation:
      “Wearing a KG can definitely impair the erection ability of the penis. I have been wearing a cage/chastity belt 24/7/365 continuously for 10 years at the behest of my wife. I can no longer get an erection for penetration.”

      That may have less to do with the chastity device than advancing age. They have pills for that.

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