Lioness 6.0

Mrs. Lion wrote (Thursday’s post, “Fetch Me My Paddle“) that she would spank me for forgetting the coffee pot and get some oral teasing on Thursday night. Neither happened. She said that she thought I had indigestion, but I told her that my stomach was fine. She didn’t explain why there was no activity.

For the record, my feelings weren’t hurt. I was sorry that we weren’t going to have sexual fun. I didn’t mind delaying the spanking. Sometimes, Mrs. Lion tells me that nothing happened because we were watching something on TV. She must know that we can pause TV anytime we want. The TV excuse is a mystery to me. Delay is an old issue with us. I understand that activities can wait if one of us is tired or not feeling well. But just blowing them off bothers me.

Lioness 6.0 may have arrived. While she admits that there has been some backsliding in the sexual department, something is new when it comes to spanking. Until my last spanking, Mrs. Lion said that her activities were governed by a desire to make my bottom a nice red color. She used her paddles as a paintbrush of sorts.

My last spanking felt different. Mrs. Lion did long bursts of rapid, hard swats. Other than the warmup, every swat really hurt. As the ten minutes wore on, she hit harder and faster. It was a miserable experience for me. Later, she commented that her goal was to make it hurt as much as possible. Apparently, she wasn’t as concerned that I would feel it the next days. She wanted me to know how she felt about my offense. I certainly felt it!

That spanking was effective on two levels. I hated every second of it. I couldn’t help yelping the entire time. I also find myself getting aroused while I am writing about it. I don’t usually get hard while writing a post. The erection doesn’t mean I enjoyed the spanking. It means that it made a lasting impression.

Spankings are timed. We’ve learned that the duration of a spanking is very important. Mrs. Lion usually sets the timer and then starts the warmup swats. I think that perhaps the timer should start after the warmup. I know. It’s another suggestion I’ll regret making. I can’t help myself.


Interestingly, Mrs. Lion keeps evolving her punishment technique. It isn’t so much that she improves her technique (she does!). It’s more that she seems to become more aware of the purpose of the activity. Initially, she did it because I asked her.

I guess you could say that she was spanking me to please me. Then she seemed to focus on the visual aspect, complete coverage of my bottom. Over time that became very uncomfortable. Next, the focus went to making it hurt when I sat. She did a very good job at that. Those spankings often allowed me to develop a degree of numbness to the swats.

6.0 is much more aware of how I’m reacting. 1.0 was aware in the sense that she backed off when I yelped. She stopped caring as she evolved. Now, she says she listens to make sure she’s hurting me as much as possible. I suppose 6.1 will also make an effort to make it hurt for me to sit as well as hate every second of my spanking.

It can’t be easy to learn to try to make a spanking as bad as possible. Mrs. Lion loves me and generally wants me to feel good. Some women feel aroused when spanking. Mrs. Lion doesn’t. She’s come a long way. Poor me!

friday afternoon ouchies

After lunch yesterday, Mrs. Lion took out the spanking bench and announced I was going to be spanked. She wrote about it in her post “Disappointed Lion.” I didn’t get to read it until after she gave me over ten minutes of paddling. This spanking wasn’t as painful as the last. I’m not saying it wasn’t horrible. It was. I think she was experimenting with a different blend of implements. She announced that she was concentrating on the central (horizontally) area of my bottom because I mentioned that she seemed to favor the sides.

That’s not to say that she neglected the tender flanks. They got plenty of painful attention. I’m not very comfortable as I write this. At times like this, I wonder how I got myself into this. Yes, I know the answer. For the record, I’m not getting hard thinking about this spanking. Oh, no.

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  1. Judging by everything, including the increasing numbers, the professionalism of Mrs. Lion is constantly growing and there is no limit to perfection.

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