When I swatted Lion yesterday, I didn’t hit as hard as the time before. I don’t know why. Well, I do. I didn’t want to hit as hard. Why did I hit so hard the time before? I said it was to make sure he knew not to break his rules again. And yet, here he was breaking his rules again. Shouldn’t I have hit as hard? I am nothing if not inconsistent. I’m not sure I should have a set severity for each spanking. Maybe it depends on the situation. I was spanking him for two violations last time. Maybe it depends on what paddles I’m using. Maybe it depends on how long I want him to feel it or if I’m even going for longevity or color of his buns or what I want to concentrate on. Maybe it just depends on my mood at the time. In any case, he was miserable while I was whomping him, so I count that as a job well done.

After dinner, I unlocked him and told him I was going to suck him. No pomp. No circumstance. No fanfare. That goes against what he’s said he’s looking for, but maybe he likes the idea that I’m not giving him a choice. I unlock him and tell him what’s going to happen, and he has to do it. Willingly, of course. Most guys wouldn’t argue with a blow job. Lion has a few times, but that’s the exception to the rule. He loves when I suck him.

What I love is when he gets hard in my mouth. He didn’t even get super hard, but there’s something about taking his soft member in my mouth and making it hard. I guess you could say it’s power. I just know I love doing it and Lion loves having me do it. I had planned on edging him a few times before giving him an orgasm. Apparently, he was too horny for that plan. By the time I thought about stopping, he was already over the edge. I could have left him with a ruined orgasm, but that’s mean. Of course, having him come before I was ready is mean too, but I’ll let him slide. I got a tiny bit of Lion cream.

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