Tonight I am going to do some needed server maintenance. This involves considerable work. I’m moving to a newer version of the operating system as well as installing newer versions of other software. I tried to pick a time which is least annoying to you. Please bear with me while I do this work. The site may come up during the effort. It may be a disaster when it does. That’s all part of the process. With any luck we will finish before midnight PDT. Thanks for understanding.

If you’ve been reading along, you may have noticed that I have been having a bit of an epiphany. I finally realized that I no longer expect to ejaculate when having sex. I’ve become a reluctant arousal junkie. I’ve decided that this change works well with my biology. I am not very happy ejaculating every day. I think my age has slowed down my recovery time. But I am very happy with stimulation on a daily basis. As we age, we stop making as much of critical hormones as we did when we were  younger. This causes a reduction of libido as well as erectile capability. I’m happy to say I don’t have a Viagra dependency yet. My equipment functions quite well, thank you.

Last night there was an interesting, at least to me, event. Mrs. Lion edged me very very close to ejaculation. To my surprise, some fluid came out. My first thought was that I had a ruined orgasm, but it didn’t feel that way. Mrs. Lion happily consumed the stuff. She reported that it was precum. This is unusual for me. I barely produce any, but this was a copious flow. She had hit just the right spot in my sexual cycle to provoke that emission. We both enjoyed that it happened. I don’t think it would be a good idea to try for a repeat. Odds are very good that next time it will be a ruined orgasm.

I never imagined that we would need a vocabulary for male arousal stages. Males have a very short arousal-to-ejaculation sequence. It takes no more than two to three seconds. During that brief time, various glands are stimulated to release substances, muscles contract and semen is emitted. The pleasurable sensations last through the full ejaculation, which can be ten seconds or more. This is why when stimulation is removed right after triggering the three-second sequence, it feels so bad. That additional stimulation encourages the muscle contractions that make semen squire as well as provide the sensation we all love so much. From a biological perspective, once ejaculation is triggered, the orgasm is done. Since we need additional stimulation to move that ejaculate out and into its target, a ruined orgasm can stop the fluids from leaving home (the glands) and just emit a bit. Apparently, as long as there is a semen reserve, a man has the ability to stay hard and come again.

Prostate milking can empty the prostate. This gland is the primary fluid source for ejaculation. If it is empty, a male is unlikely to be able to come regardless of stimulation. Some guys report that if they aren’t allowed to ejaculate that they get “blocked up.” I can’t find any confirmation of this condition. Sperm, which is formed in the testes, if not needed for ejaculation, will just be absorbed back into the body. That’s why males like me who have had vasectomies don’t have giant, sperm-stuffed balls.

What about non-orgasmic teasing? I’ve been wondering if there are any long term physical effects of this. I understand the psychological effects on me, but I am not aware of any profound physical effects. One thing, however, has changed. Over the last decade or so, I don’t produce much semen if I am just jerked off or fuck without a lot of other stimulation. At times, nothing at all has come out when I ejaculated. A few minutes  later as I am getting soft, semen does drip out. However, if I am teased over the course of an hour or so, something inside me gets charged and semen flows at the appropriate time. After a multi-day wait with regular teasing, my semen production goes up nicely. I don’t know what this means. It’s just what happens to me.

Based on what I have been able to find out, not being allowed to ejaculate, even over long periods, has no detrimental physical effects on the male. It turns out that all our favorite mythology about blue balls and aching to come, are just that, myths. After sufficient tease and denial training, we can all learn to live comfortably in a continual state of heat. Sorry guys.