I Can’t Remember Everything

Apparently, I can’t remember everything. I remembered to lock Lion up again on Thursday night, but after I caught him leaving the shower door open, I forgot to punish him. In my defense, I was trying to get a shower in and still have time before it got too late to give him attention. I didn’t think about the spanking until this morning. However, since I won’t be spending any time on my iPad or computer after I’m done with my post, I’ll have plenty of time to spank him.

The dog has an appointment with the vet this afternoon. We’re hoping to get her some medication to calm her down. I know she’s a puppy, but her predecessor was a puppy once too and she wasn’t psycho. My son’s dog used to eat the carpet because of separation anxiety. He was on Prozac for a while. Ultimately, they had to get another dog as a companion for their psycho puppy. We do not want to get another dog.

The other big chore I have for today is to install another security camera. Crime is up everywhere. People are stealing catalytic converters. Lion said he heard theft of hybrid cars is up because the price of gas has gotten so high. We can’t necessarily stop the theft of our stuff, but we can try to help catch the thieves if something does happen.

I didn’t unlock Lion last night. He’d just had an orgasm on Thursday night. I didn’t think he’d be horny again. I guess I woke the sleeping Lion by locking him up again. He got hard even with the cock ring on. Of course, the cock ring doesn’t prevent an erection. I was just surprised he got hard so soon after an orgasm. I even considered unlocking him and trying for another orgasm last night. Then, I figured he wouldn’t get quite that far. We’ll try tonight. Let’s see how horny he is.