The Very Best Valentine’s Day Gift

Today is Valentine’s Day. The most romantic gift you can give costs nothing, and you already have what you need to offer it. Even though it’s free, it is probably the most costly gift you can give. It’s fidelity. No, I don’t mean fucking others. I mean real fidelity. No sex that your partner doesn’t provide. No masturbation. The only orgasms you have will come from your partner.

This isn’t male (or female) chastity. You can have as many orgasms as your partner wants to give you. But you can’t get one anywhere else. When Mrs. Lion agreed to be my keyholder, she made a rule: I could never masturbate. At the time, it seemed a little silly. After all, my penis was locked in a male chastity device. I couldn’t masturbate. I didn’t think far into the future.

Now, in our ninth year, I’m not locked into a device. It doesn’t matter. I still can’t masturbate. Obviously, I can’t have other sex partners. Mrs. Lion provides the only orgasms I get. When she was interested in sex for herself, she didn’t masturbate.

At first, after you give this gift, it feels like a sexy game. You play by trying to convince each other to get one another off. It’s fun. Sex is more exciting. Over time, that game quality fades. It doesn’t completely disappear, but it is less exciting. Other feelings start to emerge. For me, the strongest is a sense of connection with Mrs. Lion. Only she can provide one of my most basic needs other than breathing and eating.

I am absolutely at her mercy. If she doesn’t feel well or takes a trip, I don’t get sex. Before I gave her my gift, I could fill in by jerking off. That’s not an option, no matter how long I have to wait. It can be very difficult. Even though she isn’t trying to keep me horny, the need is there. This is when the gift shines and shows its true value. I didn’t give it with an escape clause. There are no exceptions.

That’s what makes this gift so valuable.