Lion after his 244 Super Bowl swats.

The Rams won the Super Bowl. It certainly didn’t look like they would until the very end. The score was 23-20. Lion swat count was 215 plus 14 for sacks. For some reason, we counted 244 swats. Oopsy! He got fifteen more than he should have. You’d think that would make him not want to be spanked again for a long time. However, when I went to shower, the door was open, and there were dirty dog footprints inside. Silly boy. I didn’t have the energy to spank him again. He’ll get those swats tonight.

We both snoozed a bit during the game. I guess that’s the peril of watching TV in bed. After our showers, Lion snoozed again. By the time he woke up, it was 9. In the past, that’s been considered late. He was annoyed when I said we didn’t play because he’d snoozed, and nine was too late. I file this under the “can’t win” heading. If I don’t get started till 9, it’s too late. If he snoozes and we don’t get started until 9, it’s not. [Lion — That’s not illogical. If I snooze, I’m rested at nine and ready to go.]

In all fairness, I was going to suggest we play before the game. I had to trim the dog’s nails and maybe give Lion a haircut, and then we could play. Unfortunately, the dog was difficult to get onto the grooming table and then she got even more difficult when I tried to trim her nails. She scratched Lion so badly he needed two bandages and she got me on the arm, too. After only three nails, we had to give up. I was pissed. Lion was hurt. The dog didn’t care. So much for playing early.

After Lion’s shower tonight, I will swat his buns. They should be nice and tenderized by the warm water. I’m sure last night’s spanking has worn off. It may have hurt at the time, but I doubt there are any lingering effects. Even the potential bruise is probably gone. If I punish him before dinner, he will have recovered by the time I’m ready to play around 8. If he’s snoozing, I’ll wake him up. If he complains about not playing because he snoozed, then he shouldn’t snooze when I want to play. Fair is fair.

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  1. well done, he really needs the corrections for sure, and if it’s going to be 3 days in a row, then his bottom will certainly be red and bruised

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