Kinks Don’t Die. They Just Fade Away

Every day this week, I’ve written about expected disciplinary or sexual activities. I’ve been wrong every time. I’m not complaining. Something seems to come up every day. As of Thursday, my last spanking was 27 days ago. We both agree that is too much time between sessions. It isn’t that I’m running wild. The problem is more subtle. We’re both less and less likely to get back to our disciplinary lifestyle.

Sexual activity is also lagging. Mrs. Lion wanted to get me off about once a week. I’ve had two orgasms in January. There are only four days left in the month, and my last orgasm was just three days ago. That makes it questionable if I can have more than one more this month. That isn’t a big deal at all. Mrs. Lion set the once-a-week orgasm goal as a way to get us more sexually active. Nothing bad will happen if we miss.

Mrs. Lion has been achy many evenings. By the time she deals with dinner, she’s not feeling ready to do anything with me. We’ve talked about doing things earlier. Since she works from home, she’s ten feet away from me when she punches out at 5 PM. Still, nothing gets started before nine or 9:30. She argues that dinner and chores get in the way. To some extent, that’s true. It’s also that sex and spanking simply aren’t priorities.

I don’t want to put pressure on her. If she needs time to unwind, she should have it. We have to figure out how to make it easier to do what we both agree is important. I’m not exactly anxious to be spanked again. But I know I need it. This tapering off of kinky activity is why most sex blogs fade away. Posts get less and less frequent until the blog is gone. We won’t let that happen, I hope.