My Weenie is Wounded

I didn’t do it. When I took care of the dinner dishes, Lion found a movie/documentary about Don Rickles. We both loved him so we watched it. By the time it was over, it was around 9:30. That’s usually too late for love so we just snuggled. Lion snoozed for a while early in the evening so maybe it wasn’t too late, but I can’t keep track of how late late is from one night to the next. Anyway, I didn’t even touch my weenie. This morning, Lion said it was sore. Hmmm…who else has been playing with my weenie? I went to work for a little while yesterday. Did he have a visitor?

It’s sore near the tip in the urethra. We put some antibiotic cream on it and we’ll see if that helps. If it does, we’re in business. If not, I guess we’ll wait another day or so until it feels better. First he feels sick and now my weenie is sore. Is he trying to tell me something? Are my services no longer required? It does seem suspicious. Too bad. He’s stuck with me. (Of course, I’m teasing him. I know he’s not seeing anyone else or trying to tell me something.)

Even if we can’t play, he still has to follow his rules. His butt isn’t unwell. Nor does it have a sore spot. However, it could have a sore spot quite easily. It’s been a while since his last spanking. It was “just because” he needed a reminder of how hard I can swat and I needed to test out the new strap. He can have another one “just because” I haven’t quite perfected swatting with that new strap. I’ll give it a day to see if my weenie is feeling any better. I don’t think he’d appreciate having sore spots on both front and back.