Evolving Our Kink

Blogging is a lot like yelling the news into the Grand Canyon. Someone may hear it, but you never know who or what they heard. Sure, I know how many visitors we have and what pages they visit. I have a complete set of analytics to tell me. They don’t say how readers react to our writing. We get comments from some readers. We love them, even if they are critical. We know that most readers don’t say anything. Why should they?

Maybe a better question is why we put in the time, money, and energy to publish. We don’t get any revenue from this site. We pay to keep it online. There are no ads. Any cookies dropped on our site are related to analytics. Google may also use this cookie data to provide our visitors with other services. We don’t know what they are, and we don’t benefit in any way.

We depend on search engines and other blogs to introduce us to new readers. That’s worked very well. Ironically, the more popular we become, the more expensive it is to keep the site going. I’m enough of a techno-nerd to find ways to make sure our site comes up quickly. Of course, there’s some ego involved. It’s nice to be famous, even if it is in a small circle of kinksters. A very large benefit that Mrs. Lion and I get out of blogging is the discipline of clearly articulating what we want and what we do.

Every post we write offers information about how we think about our sex lives. If we honestly communicate our feelings and desires, we will never descend into the silence of couples who are lost. We don’t always agree. Since the differences are articulated here, bridging them is a lot easier. We can crystalize our feelings here. Mrs. Lion reads every word I write. I read everything that she says.

We also talk. Often our posts provide seeds for very productive conversations. Nothing is off-limits. However weird my idea might be, Mrs. Lion is willing to consider it and most likely try it. I don’t think either of us would have guessed that we would be practicing domestic discipline on a full-time basis. If you go back in our archives, you will see our baby steps, our failures, and our occasional triumphs. You can also read my poorly-formed ideas and how they got refined over time.

If our blog does anything, it illustrates how our relationship has evolved over the last eight years. Maybe we can help others on the same path.