Hornier and Hornier

We didn’t get as early a start as Lion would like last night. I let my hair dry a little bit after my shower so I wouldn’t be dripping all over him. And then I went looking for the tiny clothespins. I wasn’t really going to put them on the head of his cock. It was more for shock value. I had to look around a bit before I found the bag with the bag of tiny clothespins. In addition to the tiny clothespins were plastic clothespins, some cock rings, the Velcro and a few other things. Lion hates the Velcro so I decided to use it for shock value too.

The last time we used Velcro, it left a sore spot on my weenie. I’m not sure if it just hit a sensitive spot or maybe I had it too tight. It took a while for the sore to heal and Lion hasn’t wanted to use it since. I say that as if he’s ever wanted to use it. I found it in Home Depot and decided it would be a good toy. And it has been. Until the sore spot developed.

When I suggested using it last night, Lion said it was too dangerous. It could seriously injure him if it’s too tight. I thought this was a bit dramatic. Obviously anything could injure him if we aren’t careful. I could tie his balls too tight and injure him. I could injure his rectum with a toy during anal play if I’m not careful. I didn’t give any of these examples out loud. This was a monologue in my head while I tried to get him hard.

[Lion — That velcro really hurts if she puts it on while I’m soft. I suppose that if it was too terrible, I wouldn’t get hard while it was on me. I trust Mrs. Lion. I’ll keep my mouth shut in the future.]

velcro on lion's weenie
Too much? Naaah! That bottom
band is really choking him.

He added that I wouldn’t necessarily make it too tight. Too late! I was already in less of a mood to play with him. It bothered me that he seemed to think I’d do something intentionally to hurt him. If indeed, the Velcro was too tight and that caused the sore spot, it was definitely unintentional. As a matter of fact, I put it on him before he gets very hard and I know I have to loosen it as it starts to get tight. It’s not my first rodeo. Accidents do happen, so I’m leaving the possibility open that it might have been too tight that night. But that’s not to say it would have been too tight last night or that I wouldn’t have adjusted it as needed.

As I went on my merry way getting him excited, he glanced at me. I wondered why. He said he was waiting for the other shoe to drop. He meant the tiny clothespins. At that point, I didn’t care if they came out or not. “Can we just get this over with?” is what I was thinking. But I didn’t say anything. I know I could have pulled out the Velcro despite his comment. And I probably should have. But that seemed like a petty “oh yeah?” move. So I took out two of the not-the-tiniest clothespins and teased him with them.

I didn’t actually put them on the head of his cock. I put them along the line of skin at the base of his cock. I won’t say they didn’t hurt but it was certainly not as bad as where I threatened to put them. The skin moved around while I jerked him off and that made the clothespins move and that made Lion wince. Mission accomplished. Not-so-tiny little clothespins for the win.

Eventually, Lion hit his plateau again and we stopped. He said he was hornier than he had been before we played. I figure if I keep at it he’ll be horny enough to make it to the edge. That’s my theory at least.


  1. It’s a good theory. I find if I’m teased I get hornier. The more I’m teased the hornier I get.

    1. We are wired the same way. I think all males are. Though, over time I’ve noticed that the residual effects of teasing wear off more quickly.

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