Ten, Nine, Eight…

Lion asked if I was writing a post. This was at a few minutes after 2, when my posts usually publish. I said I could probably come up with something. He told me it would be a good idea because he has nothing to say. Uh huh. I’m right there with you.

We have come to the unwritten agreement that he is the color guy and I am the play-by-play guy. He gives ideas, explains why things should be the way they should (for us), writes the reviews, etc., etc. I tell you what’s supposed to happen tonight and then tomorrow I tell you what actually happened. Sometimes I venture into his territory and vice versa. If we don’t do anything, I have no play-by-play to describe. Since Lion was sick and then building up his strength, we haven’t been doing anything. Uh oh.

Fear not! I’ll tell you what I plan on doing tonight. When he told me it was punishment day, Lion said all systems are go. I’m taking that to mean he’s ready for action. We snuggled a bit last night, but I didn’t try to go further. Could I have tried? Yes. I didn’t want to rush him. It’s possible he could think he’s better and then run out of steam. Of course, we could always stop. I’d just rather be safe than sorry. However, I have to leave it up to him. If all systems are go, then we’ll start the countdown.

I’m still not hitting him with IcyHot or clothespins right out of the gate. We’ll work up to that. First, I need to jump-start my weenie. I may have to resort to mouth-to-weenie resuscitation, but we’re both more than happy with that. I haven’t given him oral sex in over a week. I know I miss it and I assume he does too. [Lion — Ahem. December 6.]