Wounded Weenie

My weenie got a little red while sporting the nylon cage. There were sore spots here and there but nothing to stop Lion from wearing it. Last night, however, Lion asked me if a spot looked red. It didn’t but it was sore. He also had a sort of a red stripe up my weenie. When I was done edging him it felt a little rough too. It didn’t make any sense to put a wounded weenie back in the Jail Bird so I left him wild.

About an hour after I decided to leave Lion wild, there was some rustling under the blankets. I told him to keep his hands off my weenie. I knew he wasn’t playing with himself but he was touching. He said he was just checking the sore spots. Had they changed in the past hour? No. Did I have to put the cage back on? No. I didn’t think so. But he’s been touching again today. Maybe I should put his collar on and handcuff his hands to his collar. That seems a bit severe but I might need to.

The other day we were talking about discipline and the fact that Lion hadn’t been spanked in a while. We did a maintenance spanking to remind him of what a punishment spanking might feel like. I also agreed to keep a better eye on him to make sure I was catching his infractions. Further, we decided that the spills I had been letting go because over time they vanished would no longer be free passes. A spill is a spill is a spill. It doesn’t matter if it’s water or spaghetti sauce or what.

With that in mind, Lion’s splashes of pho last night counted as spills even though they were non-existent before we left the restaurant. Anyone looking at him while he ate would think he was a slob and then wonder why I was out with a slob. I can’t have people wondering why I’m out with a slob. When we got home I punished him. It’s true it wasn’t a hard punishment. He just needs to be more careful when he eats. Next time it will be harder.

It may seem ironic that I can care about the sore spots on my weenie while whomping Lion’s butt. How can I be loving and mean at the same time? Lion’s not the only complex creature living in our house.