Male Control: Part 2 – The Invisible LeashCommunicating commands silently

remote control
This remote control gives the keyholder her invisible leash. Small and easy to operate, it takes male control to a new level. Once you determine the right setting that will signal your male without hurting him, enforcing compliance is as easy as holding the button longer. Or for correction, pressing the red +2 button for a stronger message.

Control is all about communication. The training collar is a silent form of communication that will provide the keyholder with a new level of control. Yesterday, we talked about the training collar that can be adapted to provide silent communication between the keyholder and her caged male. When I first tried the new training collar on, I was worried that I was in for a world of hurt. After all, this thing delivers electrical shocks! I envisioned the painful jolts I got when wiring and mistakenly touching a live wire. Now those shocks were going to be delivered under my balls; the most sensitive part of my anatomy. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this device is not at all what I expected. In fact, Mrs. Lion had to keep dialing up the intensity until I could feel anything happening. It was easy to discover a setting that felt to me like a warm buzzing under my balls. It wasn’t painful at all. As we continued increasing the power it did get to the point where I really wanted it to stop. It wasn’t pleasant. But unlike the pain from a spanking or Icy Hot on my balls, when Mrs. Lion released the button, there was no residual pain. Nothing. This was new to me. It turns out that this transient “correction” is ideal for keyholder communication with her caged male.

Even if you aren’t interested in punishment or pain play, the collar and its little remote offer a great way to extend the caged male experience. Say hello to Male Control. Today we will look at how a keyholder can use the collar to silently direct her male to do things she wishes.

This is a very useful command. It instructs the male to return to his keyholder. How many times have you wanted to  call him at a party, in a theater lobby, or a store? Wouldn’t it be convenient to be able to call him if he is within several hundred feet of you without even raising your voice? With the collar it’s easy. Just press the yellow button. Think of it as a doorbell. The first “ring” can be short and polite. If he doesn’t “hear” you, ring again pressing longer. You can press up to 5 seconds. If you still need to get his attention, try a series of buzzes, each about 5 seconds long. Don’t worry, you won’t injure him, but you should get his attention.

This may seem like a doggy command, but it actually useful for your caged male. If you are together and he is dominating the conversation or otherwise acting in a way that you want to calm down, press the yellow button three times in quick succession. He will learn that means to cool it.  I think you are seeing how this works.

Sexual commands
There are times when it is inconvenient to give verbal directions. For example, he is giving you oral attention. It’s nice but you want it more intense. Three quick pushes of the yellow button can tell him to lick faster. Similarly, a long, slow press can mean slow down. You can see the possibilities. You can also use the stimulation to distract him if he close to orgasm and you want to stop or delay it. This won’t necessarily work on the “signal” setting. You may need to press and hold the “+2” button until he indicates he has forgotten about his orgasm.

No is a correction. It means you want him to stop something he is doing now. Typically, behavioral correction had to wait for a convenient time to spank or otherwise punish. Now, you can correct him on the spot. Consider. You don’t like that he touches his genitals. Most males do this almost unconsciously. Saying “No!” loudly will remind him, but it is noisy and only temporarily effective. Your electronic leash can do so much more. If he has his collar on, if he touches, just give the +2 button a two-second push. It will provide an unpleasant reminder that he is breaking a rule. This isn’t really punishment; it’s correction. As soon as you release the button, the sensation ends. Each time he touches, you press the +2 button. It may not happen right away, but he will learn not to touch himself. This method of correction applies to any behavior you want to modify. What if he disregards your +2 correction? Simple. Raise the power and give a long pulse to him. If he is especially defiant, just keep increasing the intensity and length of time you hold down the button. He will lose interest in defying you very rapidly. All in real time.

Correction is not punishment. It is helping your male associate an unpleasant sensation with the behavior you want him to stop. He will get the point and you will extinguish the undesired behavior. For this to be effective, you need to correct every time he repeats the behavior. Don’t worry, it won’t take long for him to learn, and with some reminders now and then, he will learn to do what you want.

The invisible leash doesn’t necessarily replace punishment. Many caged males like the drama and humiliation of a spanking or other punishment. Discipline is appropriate when he is naughty. I consider that I am naughty when I am negligent or willful in not obeying a rule. A correction from the collar won’t help in that case. Being naughty isn’t as simple as interrupting or touching myself. It doesn’t really pay to correct for dropping something (Mrs. Lion swats me with a paddle when I do). But it is appropriate if I interrupt her since it stops me mid-interruption and I associate the unpleasant sensation with interrupting. The difference is subtle, but you probably see how it would work in your relationship.

One more thing. We are not able to tell you if this device will be effective for your male. Everyone is different and there could be problems with some especially sensitive people. You do this understanding that you are responsible and must exercise care and establish how he reacts. Don’t locate the collar anywhere above the waist. Under his balls seems to be a good spot since you don’t need very strong stimulation and the area is below the waist. We have only tried the specific product we have presented here. Training collars for larger dogs, anti-bark collars, and other brands may deliver more power. Always start with the lowest setting and give him a chance to react and tell you how it feels. Mrs. Lion and I are discovering the fun and power of the invisible leash. You may want to try one too.

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    Hello :-).

    I’ve just discovered this site and enjoy the content a lot 🙂

    I am a long time wearer and experimenter with chastity devices of all kinds, and I build them as well, for myself.

    The devices I’ve been experimenting with recently are of the cock cage type and I modify or add-to these with leashing attachments, so that any time I wear a device, the leash chain is always available. This, for me, adds even more to the sensations of vulnerability and of being controlled, or the easy potential for it :-).

    Keep up the good work!

    Best wishes!


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