Super Hard

Lion was not a fan of it, but yesterday I took the night off. Despite Lion ever-so-subtly hinting that he was horny, he said he was fine with snuggling. I figured he was horny. I just didn’t feel like doing anything. Don’t worry. I’ll make up for it tonight. I don’t know if I’ll be up for Lion riding, but he’ll get some attention.

Every time I have to move the spanking bench out of the way, I wonder when Lion will make his next mistake. Obviously, I could (and maybe should) bring it out and spank him anyway just so we both stay in practice. Maybe I’ll ring out the old year on his buns whether he’s on his best behavior or not. I have to test out the new strap, after all.

We’re in for some more snow tonight into tomorrow. The original forecast was for six inches. Now they’re saying four. I’m heading out while it’s still light to get some prescriptions. I need to do it before the end of the year. Otherwise, I wouldn’t worry about it. We can stay safely ensconced in our little house and not come out till springtime. I’ve always threatened to hibernate. Maybe this is as close as I’ll get.

Before I leave for the store, I’ll make sure the Magic Wand is charging. It doesn’t really save me much time or effort in getting Lion off. It’s just something fun to do. I think it gets him super hard, and I like when he’s super hard.