Lion was trying to guess when his next scheduled orgasm will be. He said Christmas day. Nope. Sorry. Buzzzzz. Wrong. It’s Christmas eve. I started that tradition last year and I see no reason to end it this year. He will get an orgasm as an early Christmas present on Christmas eve and then another one on Christmas day. In addition to that, he will have one New Year’s eve and another on New Year’s day. Out with the old. In with the new. I dislike the end of the year so I’ve decided to celebrate with my own tidings of good cheer. In the event Lion is unable to perform in any of these scheduled shows, I will be forced to find a stand-in. Just kidding, Lion. Geez! [Lion – I hope so. We are not looking for volunteers!]

I hope this list of pending orgasms doesn’t put undue pressure on Lion. I’m just trying to make the end of the year fun. What’s more fun than orgasms? I’m giving him something to look forward to. True, he has to wait thirteen days between tonight and Christmas eve, but he will be a very busy boy two nights in a row. Then he has a rest of a little less than a week before he gets busy again. I don’t remember what the next date is but I’m sure he has a decent rest period.

There may be some other surprises for Lion coming up too. I’m thinking red and green nail polish. Perhaps a candy cane blow job. It’s an interesting feeling when I brush my teeth and then suck him. I bet a candy cane would have a similar effect. What about a strategically placed mistletoe? There are quite a few possibilities. Who says Christmas can’t be fun for adults too?


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    One year I had a mistletoe belt buckle…

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    I was thinking I need something like that.

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