In With A Roar

Compared with many locked males I did quite well in the orgasm department. Mrs. Lion is going to improve her oral stats, she says.I hope so. Maybe we will hear from Team Vagina too.

We’ve closed the books on another year. 2019 with a very tough year for me. I had a lot of medical issues that ranged from kidney stones through spinal surgery, to glaucoma and three eye surgeries. Mrs. Lion took wonderful care of me through all of this. I missed 13 consecutive weeks of work because of the spinal surgery. Through all this we had a pretty active sex life. You can see the year-end statistics in the chart to the right. You might note that October was a very big month for orgasms. That was because we were celebrating Unlocktober. Mrs. Lion did her very best and managed to get me off 8 times. Despite that, my average wait time was seven days.

This year we had New Year’s Eve fireworks of our own. Mrs. Lion, in response to my comment that her spanking the day before wasn’t bad because she had me wearing panties, decided to do an encore performance. This time, I may not have seen fireworks but I certainly saw stars during my spanking. She had me wear a pair of her old panties (she had given them to me earlier in the year for my collection of women’s underwear). She adjusted her stroke to compensate for the extra protection the cloth gave me. That spanking really hurt! She told me that I was bleeding. I wasn’t surprised. The panties had a big blood spot when she was through.

Earlier in the day, she sent me email with a very sweet message:

” I guess I’m sort of proud of me too. Who knew that the person barely hitting you at first, is now whomping you and making you sorry you ever asked for it?”

I was surprised when that message came in out of the blue. This is the first time Mrs. Lion actually said that she felt good about her spanking skills. She’s absolutely right. When I get in trouble, I am sorry I ever asked her to spank me. [Mrs. Lion – It wasn’t out of the blue. Lion said he was proud of me first.]

Even more importantly, this is no longer something I can ask her to stop. Both enforced male chastity and our Female Led Relationship with Discipline (FLRD) belong to her. On this first day of 2020, I’m surprised that sexual control and corporal punishment have gone from something I wanted because it was hot to think about to a part of my marriage. Yes, I did want this not to be under my control. Before someone says, “Be Careful What You Wish for,” I’m not a bit disappointed. As Willy Wonka said at the end of the original Willy Wonka movie with Gene Wilder, “Do you know what happened to the little boy who got everything he wanted? He lived happily ever after!”

That’s me. Well, that’s me right now. Last night, bent over the side of the bed being paddled with Mrs. Lion’s very painful ferule paddle, I was anything but happy. We’ll see if I remember to remind Mrs. Lion on Saturday that it’s punishment day. I better; otherwise I expect I’ll have to endure a 10 minute spanking. The one last night was five minutes long.

If you haven’t already figured it out, I’m writing this on New Year’s Day. I write my posts the day before they publish. My posts are released at 5 AM my local time (PST). I’m not getting get up at 3 AM to write. I’m sound asleep when they go out. This creates a rather confusing situation. Mrs. Lion writes her posts the day they are published. You hear about what happened the night before. Then I come along the next day with my perspective on the same night that Mrs. Lion wrote about. That’s one of the hazards of daily posting. When I don’t write about what happened to me, everything works perfectly. When I do, I’m a day behind.

Speaking of behind, mine still hurts from last night (New Year’s Eve). In fact, it hurts more now than it did then. Last night, before midnight, Mrs. Lion attempted to give me an orgasm. She used her Magic Wand. It automatically turns itself off after about 20 minutes. You can turn it on again, of course. She applied it to my penis until it turned itself off, and then turned it on again. She kept trying. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t get there. I commented that I’m really broken. She gave me that look and said I’m not.

Coming up later this year will be two reviews: I’ll be reviewing the Evotion chastity device and I will be doing a rundown on the latest male sex machines. The Lion test labs will be busy. I got an email a bit ago from a chastity device maker. They were discussing having me review their device. They said that they liked the idea because I had a sex-friendly blog. How does the maker of chastity devices, which prevents sex, think a sex-friendly blog is a good place for a review? I’m just kidding. We all know that caged males are always horny. I’m very sex friendly, especially when locked up.

Speaking of locked up, I wonder if Mrs. Lion is going to mark the new year by snapping the lock shut on one of my devices. There certainly is an incentive: my lack of sexual responsiveness may be a way of my body asking for captivity again. I don’t know. I know that I do consider having a chastity device on my penis as a sexy thing. Maybe it’s time to return to the cage. It’s a little embarrassing to do it, but I’ll ask Mrs. Lion. I’m sure she will oblige me. She’s ever so nice that way. She’s not so nice about unlocking me if I want to get out.

My life is a little bit like a roach motel; it’s easy to get in, but impossible to get out. It’s a good thing I like it so much.


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