Day After Christmas

Mrs. Lion gave me this vest for Christmas.

Our Christmas was quiet and chaste. My hope for sexual fun went unfulfilled. We cooked Christmas dinner (Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce) and ate at 6 PM. After that, we stretched out in bed to digest. Mrs.Lion reported that her arm hurt, probably from lifting in the kitchen, and sex of any sort didn’t materialize.

I got an odd and amusing Christmas present. Mrs. Lion presented me with what looked like a bullet-proof vest with the word “WRITER” on it. Do you remember the TV show, “Castle”? Richard Castle was a novelist who partnered with a female detective. She and the other cops wore vests that said “POLICE” on the front. He showed up with one that said, “WRITER.” That always amused us. Since I am an aspiring novelist, Mrs. Lion thought I would like a vest of my own. You can see me modeling it.

I gave Mrs. Lion a lot of long-sleeved t-shirts. She wanted them. I also bought a nasty strap for her to use on me. I have been shopping for leather spanking tools. They seem to be most effective and cause less bleeding. We have one leather paddle (it hurts!) and a nasty tawse. This strap promises to be something she will like and I won’t. The people who made it are going out of business, and I got it for half price. Sorry, no more left.

One of Mrs. Lion’s Christmas gifts from me. A heavy leather strap to use on me.

We gave each other our gifts on Christmas Eve. We had to. The shirts I ordered for Ms. Lion arrived in a pile of plastic shipping envelopes. There was no point in trying to pretend they weren’t for her. It took a while for her to try them all on. Happily, everything fit.

Mrs. Lion commented to my post, “Ho, Ho, Oooooh,” that when I give her orgasms, she gets angry. She admits that they feel every bit as good as they did in the past. She just gets pissed off. Is this a reason to avoid doing it? I have no idea. My instinct is to give her a good number of orgasms and let her decide if the good feelings outweigh the resulting grumpiness. She does like experiments.

As I write this early Sunday afternoon, the temperature is 26o F. There are about six inches of snow on the ground. It’s a good thing today is Sunday. Roads are in horrible shape, and most public transportation is suspended. This is our first snow in at least two years and the most accumulation in over five. Our winter temperatures rarely get below 40. Our seven-month-old puppy played in the snow for the first time in her life. She’s confused about what the stuff is, but she likes it.

We aren’t fans. Mrs. Lion comes from upstate New York, where it snows a lot all winter. I’m from New York City, where there is a lot less snow. We both like being in the Pacific Northwest because snow is very rare. She works from home, so we plan to stay in our den until the white stuff is gone and the temperatures go back up. So far, the house’s heating system is keeping up with the chill. We have firewood in case it can’t.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas weekend.

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