I’m Truly Sorry

The day after. This is how my bottom looked on Sunday Afternoon.
No wonder it hurts! (Click image to view full size)

Saturday night Mrs. Lion spanked me for not setting up the coffee pot. I occasionally forget and have to pay the price. This spanking was unusual because she spanked me the night before because I was snarky. A lioness spanking is a big deal on its own. Two in a row is over the top. It’s true that I deserved it. She was right. I completely forgot to set up the coffee pot.

My buns were still pretty sore from Friday’s spanking when she brought out the spanking bench. I obediently got into position, but I grumbled that I was still sore and would probably bleed a lot. Mrs. Lion has grown blase about some blood coming up when she spanks me. It happens every time and stops almost as soon as she is done beating me. She’s right. It isn’t a big deal.

I think she decided to spank a little higher on my bottom for part of the time. I’m not a good judge of what she is doing. It all hurts a lot. I am only aware of what real estate she is beating when she spreads my cheeks to spank inside and on my perineum. She usually remembers to give those areas her attention. My point is that these are not BDSM spankings. They are real punishment, and since Mrs. Lion knows me and my body, she administers these spankings severely enough for me to feel them for days after I get them.

Some readers have commented that Mrs. Lion is being too severe for an offense as small as forgetting to set up the coffee pot. We’ve learned over the years that the point of a spanking is to impress on me the need to change something. Big or small, the change isn’t going to happen unless she makes the consequence meaningful enough to get my attention.

I know she can be more severe if she wants. Based on our experience to date, she most likely will turn up the volume if she finds that I’m still committing the same offense too often. She says that she sees how my bottom is reacting. She goes for an even, dark red. I think she monitors my yelps. She wants to hear me respond. I’m not sure how she does it. All I know is that I’m very unhappy by the end of ten minutes.

Saturday night, I was sorry I ever asked her to spank me. I suppose that’s also a good sign. Mrs. Lion isn’t about to stop just because I’m unhappy about being spanked.