To Jerk Or Not To Jerk

This is me over nine years ago when I was allowed to jerk off.

I haven’t been in a great mood. My poor vision makes it difficult for me to do anything. I feel isolated and dependent as a result. The new puppy (six months old, now) has bursts of jumping on us and zooming around. Mrs. Lion gets extremely angry, and I worry she will hurt the dog without realizing it. It also upsets me when she gets that way. In fairness, I get very angry with the pup when she does the same thing to me. I’m a little more measured in my response but not successful in correcting it. We have a dog trainer coming to the house on Tuesday evening who may help us correct this behavior.

It’s obvious that the dog doesn’t understand what’s happening when she jumps on us. She doesn’t even know that we are angry. I think she believes we are joining in the fun game. I’m worried that she might get hurt unless we are both very careful. I have to keep the dog out of my office. The moment I sit in my desk chair, she starts jumping on me. A 50lb pup with sharp claws can do damage. We both have bruises and cuts as a result.

Puppies are like storms. They are both forces of nature. They can do damage but have no intention of hurting anyone. It’s just their nature. Fortunately, our dog will grow out of the crazy behavior and can be trained to control it in the meantime. At least, I hope she can.

Meanwhile, I’m happy with Mrs. Lion’s desire to give me more sex. I had a great time on Friday night. Her ability to get me off by hand is back, and she used it to warm me up for the oral main event. I find myself getting turned on when I think about it. Mrs. Lion wrote that she wonders if it was a good idea to train me out of masturbating. That surprised me. Does she have a use for me to jerk off? Almost nine years ago, when she locked me in a male chastity device and told me I could never masturbate again, she told me that she felt it was a sort of cheating. I wonder what made her reconsider it now.

I still remember how to do it. I don’t feel the desire. Yes, it’s fun to play with my penis and get hard. I don’t know how to describe it, but I don’t feel the desire to keep going until I ejaculate. I suppose that if I can be trained to be a neat eater, I can be trained to avoid getting myself off. I can understand why it made some sense to train me not to do it. If I can’t jerk off, then my only opportunity for sex is with my lioness. I can’t use the traditional male pressure release valve, my hand.

I missed it for a long time. For the first three years I was always locked in my male chastity device. Masturbation wasn’t possible. After that, I just “forgot” to do it. It’s a good example of conditioning, a surprisingly effective demonstration. I’m sure the conditioning can be reversed. I think Mrs. Lion wonders if reversing it would open a sexual Pandora’s box. If I am allowed to do it under her supervision, would I obediently avoid it other times? I think she decided it wasn’t worth the risk.