More Fun for Lion

I neglected to say that Lion had an orgasm the other night. He’d waited five days. That’s great! It wasn’t far off of my four-day goal. Maybe he’ll have another five-day wait next time. Or I could make him wait a bit longer. My goal is actually to give him more orgasms than he’s had the past few waits. Of course, in doing that, I hope I’m also increasing our communication.

Lion told me this morning that he’s not sure what I’ve been doing when I jerk him off, but he likes it a lot. I guess I’ve taken what he’s told me to heart and tried to figure out how to make it feel the way he wants it to feel. I don’t have the benefit of being able to change based on how it feels to me. In other words, if he were jerking himself off, he’d know that a certain grip either doesn’t work or isn’t working at that particular moment, and he could change it. Unless I get feedback, I don’t know what is or is not working. If I hear him purr or he tells me it feels nice, I know I’m onto something. He’s also been asking me if I can change my grip or move further up. I guess the easy answer is that I’m not sure what I’ve been doing when I jerk him off that he likes a lot.

I’m not sure if it’s quite what Lion was talking about, but I’ve been reminding him he’s getting waxed over Thanksgiving weekend. Is this the same as telling him I like a particular thing? I’m not coming right out and saying I like a hairless Lion. In my mind, I’m building anticipation. I wonder if he sees it that way. He’ll be face up or down, oiled up for a portion of it, and I’ll be running my hands all over him. I think that’s sexy. And I’ve told him I think it’s time for the full-body wax. The only hair left on him will be his head and his arms. I know he likes that a lot. He also gets an oily hand job, at least a portion of one, when it’s time to clean up. We both like that a lot. Maybe I am telling him what I like.

[Lion — Are you? Even in this post, you didn’t say that you like me to be hairless anywhere or everywhere on my body. Do you? Do you like to wax me? I know you are teasing me by saying I’m going to be waxed. That doesn’t say if you like it or not. The only way to tell me that you like something is to actually tell me. Indirect references don’t work for me.]

[Mrs. Lion — Well, I didn’t directly say it but I did say I think running my hands over your oily body is sexy. And I did directly say I like jerking you off when you’re oily. No, that’s not true. I said we both like that a lot.]

[Lion — But you still haven’t said that you like any of the other stuff you mentioned. That feels to me like you don’t.]