Lost Opportunities

Yes, it’s only been two days since my last orgasm. I’m not discounting the fun we had. As things go, we are a barely-active vanilla couple. When things get like this, I find myself shopping for equipment that I might find fun. That’s not very generous of me. This time, I took advantage of Extreme Restraint’s Black Friday sale and bought leather wrist and ankle restraints at a 30% discount. I asked Mrs. Lion how she felt. She agreed I should get them.

I don’t know why I did it. We have restraints–admittedly crappy ones–that I bought months ago. We only used them once. Before getting those, I was restrained in our sling before we moved. That was three years ago. This confirms my theory that one-way sex is doomed. Altruism only stretches so far. Case in point: Even though we were home for four days and had almost nothing to do, sex occurred at night hours after dinner.

I figured that during a long weekend, we would have fun earlier in the day. I also imagined that there might be an opportunity for some BDSM activity as well. The tone of this post shows my frustration. I don’t like being dependent, and I hate having no way to reciprocate. I am a charity case. In the past, we tried a good-natured game where I picked an activity out of a box. We thought that would assure a reasonable level of activity. We stopped that a long time ago.

It’s unfair of me to complain. Mrs. Lion didn’t sign up for this. It isn’t her fault that she lost her libido. She’s worked hard for years to make sex fun for me. When we were having fun, both of us enjoyed the tension and anticipation generated. Emails flew between us during the day. It wasn’t just the activities later; it was the wordplay and teasing all day.

Now that Mrs. Lion is working from home, there are more opportunities if we care to take them.