Copy That

I am sitting here at boring work trying my hardest to stay awake. My officemate’s last day was Friday. She refuses to get vaccinated so, per Washington state mandate, she had to leave. It’s quiet and lonely. My boss is covering another location because one of the workers decided to ghost us last week. How do you just walk off a job? Something horrendous would have to happen for me to do that.

I guess we had a good weekend. I got stuff done that has been waiting for me to get around to doing. I made it to Costco. I replaced the water filters. I waxed the Lion. I didn’t get to laundry, but I can do a load or two tonight. I got my Lion all hot and bothered while I was oiling him up to get the remnants of wax off him. He wasn’t sure he’d be ready for Lion riding last night. I don’t think he was but having an oily erection was a good start.

We haven’t really been doing anything lately. It’s usually like this a day or two after an orgasm, but we’re four or five days out now. Lion’s tummy was bothering him a few nights. I’ve been sort of tired. It has been a fairly demanding few weeks. I need a day off. If I could just vegetate in front of a fireplace with some music playing in the background, it would be so nice. Maybe even sitting on a deck somewhere overlooking a lake or stream. Something calm. No dog jumping. No chores needing my attention. No flooded basement. Ah, dreams.

Maybe tonight I’ll snuggle with Lion and see if that gets us anywhere. No pressure. If he’s not feeling well or if I don’t manage to wake up enough by then, we’ll just snuggle. It’s nice being close under the covers no matter what we do or don’t do.

When I cleaned out the pantry so I could wax Lion yesterday, I moved the spanking bench into the hallway. Should that be a hint to him? It’s been a while since I’ve dragged it out for its intended purpose. Maybe I need to use it tonight. I’m not aware of Lion interrupting me or annoying me. Of course, so much has been annoying me lately, I may be desensitized. Lion thinks I was annoyed when we were doing the water filters. He asked a question. I answered. Then he asked the same question again. I raised my voice when I answered again. He told me to calm down. I wasn’t not calm. I was just answering a question again in a louder voice so he could hear me if he’d missed it the first time. Sometimes he doesn’t hear me. Sometimes he hears me but he hasn’t listened. That’s when it becomes annoying.

kiss I do it to him too. He’ll say something and I say “OK” and he thinks it’s a yes when it’s just an acknowledgement that I’ve heard him. If I don’t respond, he thinks I haven’t heard him and he repeats himself. If I then raise my voice and say “OK” louder, he thinks I’m yelling at him. Either we both need hearing aids or we just need to work on our responses. It gets tedious to say, “I heard you and I’m thinking about it.” Maybe we need walkie talkie lingo like “copy” or “10-4”. Maybe we need walkie talkies. We have Alexa, but then you have to drop in on a certain room which means you have to know where the other person is. Lion frequently comes looking for me because he doesn’t know where I am. It’s hard to get lost in a small house, but he thinks I can I guess. Anyway, it would be helpful if you could just say, “Alexa, tell him I heard him.”