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Stanley Steemer didn’t get the dog pee smell out of my office. They are trying again today (Monday). I hope they can get rid of it. I can only stay in it if we have an exhaust fan blasting air outside. Unsurprisingly, the dog isn’t bothered by it at all. Mrs. Lion was busy on Sunday. She installed the replacement water filters and gave me a Brazillian. I’m nicely waxed. She also took time to take advantage of the oil she used to remove excess wax to play with my penis. It felt very good.

I need to get back to writing my book. The smell in my office is too much for me to stay long. I’ve been writing on my laptop, but I don’t like the keyboard as much as the one I have for my desktop. Hopefully, the smell will be gone today. I’ve been thinking about a completely different approach to my latest book. It may be too difficult to rewrite completely. I’m over 40,000 words in. Oh well.

Mrs. Lion said that she plans to ride me for my next orgasm. That’s exciting! That would be the cherry on top of our currently-vanilla lifestyle. Well, not entirely vanilla. She still decides when I get to ejaculate. Let’s just say vanilla for us. This happens when Mrs. Lion has a lot to do and isn’t feeling her best. Her shoulder has been bothering her. I’m fine with the hiatus. She’s entitled to time off from lion taming. I’m pretty well trained, and I’ve kept out of serious trouble. I haven’t been spanked in over three weeks. I’m sure that when she feels better, I will get a “just because” spanking.

I’ve been trying to watch my behavior. I’m not sure that Mrs. Lion has been noting times that I’ve annoyed her. I want her to resume being vigilant. I’m convinced that when she punishes me for upsetting her, we are both happier. Meanwhile, I will continue doing my best to make her happy.

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