Another Experiment


Lion has been waiting for an orgasm for 26 days as of today. His longest wait is 28 days. Will he surpass that? I guess we’ll find out. Last night I was tired and achy. Tylenol probably would have knocked some of the achiness down, but I didn’t take any because I was too tired anyway.

I spent most of the day standing around while the cleanup crew removed our things from the basement. I’d forgotten how much being on my feet all day hurts. This morning I waited close to an hour for the trash removal team to show up for the totaled items from the flood. I figured it would only take twenty minutes for them to move stuff out, but so far, it seems like twenty minutes just to get ready to move it out.

I hate waiting too. Of course, I’m not comparing my annoying wait for flood mitigation to Lion’s wait for an orgasm. Mine is much worse. ?

In this morning’s post (“Another Post I’m Sure To Regret Writing”), Lion suggested he should be spanked if he could not have an orgasm when I wanted him to have one. [Lion — I also suggested spanking if I can’t reach the edge. All sexual performance issues get spankings.] Neither of us knows if that will work. I think he’s grasping at straws, trying to get something to happen. On the one hand, it may get him turned on enough to help.
On the other hand, the thought of yet another spanking might turn him off. I don’t like the idea, but I suppose the only way to know is to try it. Besides, it doesn’t matter if I like it. What matters is the effect on Lion.

I rarely turn down an opportunity for an experiment. Let’s see how this one goes. I can’t say how long we’ll do it. It could work immediately. It could take a while. Or it could fail horribly right away. That’s the thing with experiments. You have a hypothesis, perform your tests and find out if you were right or wrong. Ain’t science grand?