Another Post I’m Sure To Regret Writing

I was unfair to Mrs. Lion in my post yesterday. She doesn’t bore me. I love every moment we are together. The sexual issues are almost certainly mine. Abstinence causes my ability to respond to change. When we started, I imagined that my interest in sex would grow every day I was forced to wait. It didn’t. For the first couple of weeks, I got more and more frustrated. After that, my interest varied between super horny and uninterested.

This confuses me. On day 24, Mrs. Lion tried to edge me. It was easy for her to get me hard, but even in her mouth, I couldn’t get to the edge. Two days before that, she edged me over and over with little difficulty. I don’t get it. There is something unnatural about male chastity. While it’s an exciting kink, it’s also a big change from “normal” sexual behavior. The challenge isn’t just having to wait between orgasms. It’s also being able to have one when Mrs. Lion wants.

She has been very understanding about me not ejaculating when she decides I should. If I’m not in the mood, as she calls it, Mrs. Lion doesn’t get upset or penalizes me. Is male chastity only about withholding orgasms? I’m not sure it is. It seems to me that it is about controlling orgasms. Delay is only half of the game. The other half is semen delivery. We agree that unauthorized ejaculation is a problem. If Mrs. Lion accidentally pushes me over the edge, she acknowledges that I shouldn’t be penalized. I can’t control my response at the instant of going over the edge. If I ever get off without her, that is a very serious offense.

What should she do if she expects an orgasm and I don’t deliver one? Is that a spankable offense? Perhaps it should be, maybe administered when Mrs. Lion decides she isn’t going to get me off. Will this improve my responsiveness? I don’t know. Is it disobedient to not ejaculate when required? Mrs. Lion reasons that I want to ejaculate. If I fail, it can’t be my fault. It isn’t an act of willfulness. She’s right. I want to have that orgasm, but I can’t.

The real question is whether penalizing me for failing to reach the edge or ejaculate will improve my responsiveness? It could. At the least, it would give Mrs. Lion a reason to paddle me. We know that consistent spanking will change my behavior. I don’t spill food on my shirt or eat first. Consistent spanking for failing changed me. I am much better about remembering to set up the coffee pot. I have to admit that Mrs. Lion can change me with her paddles.

This would be another painful lioness experiment. I’m proposing it because I am frustrated and upset by my lack of responsiveness. I can’t understand it. Maybe it can be corrected. At the least it’s something else that Mrs. Lion can catch me doing.


  1. I think she should paddle you when fail to ejaculate and she would prefer you do. Likewise if you ejaculate during edging and she did not intend you to. It’s not about penalizing you or punishing you in either case, it’s just a fact of life. For example, sometimes I organize (enthusiastically) for other women to perform sexual acts on my husband. Afterwards I always give him the most severe spankings to “remind him to whom he belongs”. It’s not punitive. I set it up. I encouraged it. His subsequent spanking is just a fact of life.

    Also I would add, in terms of handjobs, I know that David’s fingers or vibe use on me is never as good as my own self-pleasuring (though his tongue is something I cannot match or replicate!), and he has told me that while he loves my hand, he can guide his own hand to pleasure himself in ways I cannot (that immediate feedback from pleasure centers to hand motion that another person cannot achieve). Not sure if Mrs. Lion does it, but “making you” rub yourself while she watches and encourages (and then takes over for a while and hands it back for a while) might be good. (I’ve also learned, by watching my husband, how he seems to like it at various stages, and that improves my skill). You can always make a rule that if you cum by your own hand rather than her hand or mouth, that’s a spanking also, not for punishment, just as a fact of life.

    1. Author

      That makes a lot of sense. I’ll make sure Mrs. Lion sees your comment. I don’t think we ever thought of spankings as a fact of life as well as a punishment.

  2. I would be stunned if physically punishing you for failing to ejaculate on command did anything other than make it harder to do so because of the added anxiety and fear. That anxiety and fear will also take you out of the moment because you will be so focused on getting off. You will suffer a lot for that suggestion. I have seen dommes who want you to shoot on command (using my own hand, not theirs), and all it did was frustrate me and ruin the experience.

    1. Author

      We didn’t suggest orgasm on command. The post is about being able to orgasm. Mrs. Lion doesn’t tell me to squirt. She works hard to get me there. My suggestion is what happens if I just can’t do it. That’s totally different than your idea.

      1. I didn’t mean literally on command in an instant, and in any event they are both situations where some form of compulsion is used to elicit an event that is at best only partially under your control. If you are having trouble getting off, threats of adverse consequences don’t work and frequently make the problem worse, at least in my experience. With the intense severity and the amount you suffer during the spankings, I would think that is a likely result unless you get aroused by the fear of failing. Maybe you are different.

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