Spanking Update

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while,  you know that I have a love-hate relationship with spanking. I asked Mrs. Lion to spank me almost twenty years ago. It took quite a while for Mrs. Lion to bring herself to the point of being able to hurt me. Since she reached that point, she’s worked to perfect her ability to make each punishment spanking memorable.

Since she’s perfected her craft, I’ve learned to hate it when she brings in the spanking bench. Her current approach to spanking me is very impersonal and business-like. Once she straps me to the bench, she goes to work. Lately, she begins with her largest paddle. It covers my entire bottom and is made from thick, zebrawood. If I were to offer my opinion, I’d suggest that she save that particular tool for later when I’m warmed up, and she can apply it forcefully. I have no idea what she uses after that. All I know is that it hurts a lot.

Every butt is different. Some go from pink to dark scarlet. Mine doesn’t. I get red, but not bright red. Instead, I develop little blisters and sore spots. I think they look worse than the red and black-and-blue of other rear ends. The areas with the little blisters feel leathery to the touch and very uncomfortably sensitive for me. I don’t bruise easily. Most of the time, when Mrs. Lion thinks she bruises me, none appear. Most paddles we have don’t seem capable of bruising easily.

One of the reasons she likes the “just because” spankings is that she gets to practice with different combinations of paddles. I dislike them because they are just as unpleasant as punishment. As it has turned out so far, each of the so-called “just because” spankings has been a real punishment. I’ve managed to annoy Mrs. Lion before each one. Ironically, she seems to have a problem telling me that the reason for the spanking is punishment for upsetting her. She tends to go to work on my butt silently.

Nevertheless, this is progress. She is spanking me and probably realizes that there is a reason she is doing it. Learning to observe and punish things I do to upset her is very difficult. I think she is becoming more aware when I do those things. She doesn’t seem willing to punish me when I do. I think it’s more difficult to learn to punish me for subjective offenses. In a way, it’s more important that she does. At least, that’s what I think.


  1. There seems to have been a step in Mrs Lion’s behaviour. This is big for both of you!

    1. Author

      I hope so. Thanks for your comment.

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