About Monday Night Spanking — Tuesday Morning Quarterback

We have a large collection of paddles. I accumulated most of them over the years. Mrs. Lion has bought a couple. Almost all of them are effective in terms of causing pain. A few can reliably bruise my bottom and raise spanking blisters. The image, right, shows some on my butt after my lioness spanked me. I recently thought “I’m going to blister your butt” was just an old-fashioned reference to a strong spanking. Since Mrs. Lion has turned up the volume on my punishments, I now get a blistered butt.

Detail of my blistered butt. There really are blisters!

Another recent discovery is that when Mrs. Lion spanks me for ten minutes, my bottom actually gets swollen. I can feel it when I lie on my back after she is finished. It feels like there are hard, rough spots back there. I felt this more acutely on Monday night. I’m pretty sure that’s due to her choice of spanking tools. I ordered some inexpensive paddles made from heavy conveyor-belt material. They are rubber laminated with strengthening threads. The paddles are thick and heavy.

She also used the bloodwood ferule paddle. It has a long handle and a three-inch diameter striking face. It used to be our most vicious. Now, it is just medium intensity. I have no idea just how many paddles we have. I’m sure there are more than 20 in the collection. So far, the meanest is Mrs. Lion’s spanking spoon. This 3/4-inch thick, spoon-shaped paddle delivers bruises. I absolutely hate being spanked with it.

Note marks higher and closer to the crack. This is new.

Apparently, the use of the conveyor belt paddle changes her spanking pattern. Based on how it feels a day later, and by the picture (left), she did a lot more spanking toward my crack. Normally, there isn’t much red or bruising there. When it hurts to sit, I feel it low, near my thighs and to the sides. This time, the marks are close to the crack, and it hurts higher, toward the middle of my bottom and closer to the crack. I suspect the shape of the rubber paddle focused much more of the force nearer my crack. [Mrs. Lion — I was aiming for the crack more this time.]

This new pattern is much more uncomfortable for me the day after. There is no way I can avoid the pain. While I hate being spanked on my “sit spot,” the area above and below the seam where my butt and thighs come together, attention higher up, was very effective. It may even be more effective than Mrs. Lion’s more traditional targets.

I suppose this means she will take the time to work both areas thoroughly. Poor me.