Problem Solved

Today is TIEsday. I never did anything about Tiesday last week. For that matter, I didn’t do anything about punishment day yesterday. As I was doing the dishes, I thought that normally I’d drag out the spanking bench and give him his “just because” spanking. But Lion theorized that I should be able to catch him doing something wrong, so instead of “just because,” the spanking would be for an actual infraction. Uh oh. I didn’t catch him doing anything.

I’m sure he must have done something. I don’t believe he made it a whole week without annoying me. I can’t think of any specifics, but I’m sure he did. Should I have spanked him for this unknown infraction? Or should it have been a just-because-I-know-he-did-something spanking? Isn’t that what I’ve been doing all along? I’m confused.

I know Lion is encouraging me to find things that annoy me, but I’m thinking we’ll be right back in the same boat of him not getting spanked because I don’t catch him. There were weeks he didn’t get punished at all. Weeks and weeks, probably. That’s why we instituted “just because” spankings. He needs to be spanked at least once a week to keep him on his toes. It also keeps me in practice.

You know, now that I’m thinking about it, he did annoy me. On Sunday, I was putting his daily pills into containers. It’s easier for him to grab a morning container and an evening container rather than having to open a bunch of bottles each time. Blue containers are for night, and clear is for morning. The dog managed to chew a morning container, so we needed to replace it. When we bought the containers, we wound up with a lot of extra blue ones. I think it was a package of 50 versus the clear package of 30. I told Lion we didn’t have any extra clear. He insisted we did. I was staring right at the extra blue ones, so I knew what I was talking about. He continued insisting it wasn’t the blue we had extra of. Clearly, I was right. How can you argue with someone who is positive they are right? Well, I don’t really have to argue. I can just put my paw down and pick up a paddle. Instead, I let it go and grabbed a different container for the morning.  [Lion — When I bought the containers, the blue ones came in a package of 30. I bought a second pack, so we had spares. The clear ones came in a package of 50, so we didn’t need to order extras. Mrs. Lion saw the 2nd package of 30 blue that I bought months later.]

So is he in trouble? He should be, right? But here’s my problem: I really want to tie him to the bed and spank his cute little tush. I can’t do that if he’s bruised and bloody from punishment. What I can do is tie him to the bed and spank his cute little tush tonight or tomorrow night (the dog has her training tonight), and I can punish him Thursday, which would be a regular “just because” spanking anyway. Problem solved. Everybody is happy. At least until Thursday night when Lion won’t be so happy.


  1. In any case, he deserved it, if only because he began to argue.

  2. I didn’t know you were bruising him and making him bleed now. Congratulations. You really have taken to hurting him. Since it is apparently not bruising or bleeding, is there any particular reaction that tells you that you should back off some or stop?

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