Tired and Cranky

I don’t know why but I’m not getting the sleep I need. I haven’t been using my CPAP because I have just as many “events” with or without it, and sometimes it makes me claustrophobic. One mask jams something up my nose. The other spews air toward my eyes. If I slept any better with it on I’d find a mask that works. I think tonight I’ll probably crash from exhaustion and finally get some sleep.

I can’t remember if it was before or after Lion’s spanking last night, but I told him he’d have one more day of his present punishment and then I was adding two days for annoying me. The annoyance happened a few days ago but he added to it last night so I decided a punishment was in order.

Lion subscribed to Hello Fresh! some months ago. He said I should subscribe at some point because the starting deal was very good. You can cancel at any time so it’s not a big deal to have two subscriptions. On Tuesday I saw the starting offer and decided to do it. When I told Lion he interrupted me and asked why I did it. Before I could answer he said he couldn’t cancel his order that quickly and then went on his iPad to cancel future orders. Every time I tried to remind him that he said I should do it, he kept saying we didn’t need two subscriptions. Finally I gave up and went to make dinner

Yesterday, Lion asked me to run an errand after work. I don’t mind, but it takes me one more exit on the freeway which puts me right in the worst of the rush hour traffic. Since it puts me relatively near Home Depot, I decided to get the patio table we wanted. Later in the day, Lion said he got the information to return our bonkers robot vacuum. She’s been getting stuck in the middle of the floor for no reason. We needed to pack it up and get it to FedEx. I also needed to change the bed, make dinner, etc.

I decided it made more sense to go home, pack up the vacuum, make the bed, make dinner, etc. and run the errands tonight. In the mix, I also wondered why FedEx couldn’t pick the package up from the house, but I didn’t want to throw that out there because I figured it would just create a problem. When I said I could just go a little past Home Depot to drop the package at the FedEx mothership, Lion said it’ll be easier to take it to the FedEx store near one of my errands. Or, I can go to the mothership. But that’s out of the way, he said. So is the FedEx store. He decided I’ll go to the store and not the mothership. And once it was all packaged up, he said we have fourteen days to return it. Excuse me? Why the rush to package it up? And thus the added annoyance that earned him two more days of punishment.

Oh, and I forgot to change the bed. No problem, Lion says. I can do that tonight. Ha! Tonight I have to drop off the package (to the mothership, not the store), go to Home Depot, and run the errand. Then I have to take the garbage out, make dinner and make the bed. No problem.

This morning, Lion said he expects the insane robot vacuum to be gone for a week or two. Let’s just add vacuuming to my list of things to do. Okay. Deep breath. I know I’m getting annoyed because I’m tired. The world is crashing down on me because I’m tired. A good night’s sleep will make it all better. I’ll still have the list of things to do but it won’t annoy me because I won’t be tired. Come on, sleep. I’m counting on you.

[Lion — Wait a minute! We don’t need to pick up the table until the weekend. If the table isn’t on the agenda, then dropping the package off at the FedEx store is very convenient. Because this is a return, the manufacturer of the robot will not authorize a pickup at our house. The reason I asked Mrs. Lion to return the robot immediately was to help get it back sooner so she won’t have to vacuum too much manually. I hate pointing out the obvious, but she could just say no and reschedule things in a way more convenient to her. After all, she’s the boss. I realize that my inability to drive and do other things I would normally do, puts added pressure on my lioness. I wish I could do something about that.]