Lion put a comment on my post yesterday, saying that I like spanking. I don’t know why I don’t think I like spanking. Am I just being stubborn? I did a Google search and came up with this definition for like: find agreeable, enjoyable, or satisfactory. Do I find it agreeable? Well, agreeable means pleasurable so not really. Do I find it enjoyable? Not really. Do I find it satisfactory? I can go with that. Spanking is acceptable. It meets the needs, that being turning Lion on.

In order to wholeheartedly get behind the definition of like, it would have to be something that I choose or go out of my way to get/do. I like chocolate ice cream. I will choose it. I have been known to go out of my way to get it. I don’t like liver. You couldn’t pay me enough to even try it. Just the thought of it turns my stomach. I neither like nor dislike asparagus. I eat it. I do buy it but it’s mostly because Lion likes it and I’m supposed to eat vegetables. By that logic, spanking is asparagus.

When I said I missed play spanking, I meant the closeness of it. I don’t always want to beat the crap out of him. I like his tush. I want to fondle it and kiss it. Can I do that without spanking him? Sure. Would he like it as much? Maybe. I doubt it, but maybe. He’d much rather have a nice spanking, emphasis on nice. And I’d much rather give him a nice spanking.

Having said that, I can still work up to hitting him just as hard as I do with a punishment spanking. The difference is with how it starts off. Punishment is hard right from the beginning. He did something wrong and he has to pay for it. A play spanking starts out with my hand. I usually tease him with swats similar to the ones I started with all those years ago that he barely noticed.

I don’t know if I’ve ever drawn blood with a play spanking. I’m usually not that vicious, although I could be. By the time I get that far in a play spanking, he usually doesn’t notice it’s gotten so hard. His buns have adjusted to the pain. I won’t say he feels nothing. There wouldn’t be much point to doing it if he didn’t feel it. It’s just not as painful as punishment.

I prefer being nice mean to Lion. Do I like it? It’s acceptable.


    1. Nope. I don’t make her pee smell funny.

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