Here we are, it’s afternoon already and I’ve only really done two useful things beyond making breakfast. Our Saturday morning routine is watching “Law and Order: SVU” reruns for hours and hours. Then we both go on our computers and waste some more time. Then we wonder why we haven’t gotten anything done.

I need to make a run to the store to get some stuff. We were debating about going last night and then decided we’ll go today. I don’t know when, so I’m sort of in a holding pattern. If I get involved with something, Lion will want to go. If I do nothing, he’ll either suggest going tomorrow or that I go alone. We need to get our act together. I think this is why we wind up not playing a lot of the time.

I forgot to weigh myself at the usual time yesterday. When I remembered, I was dressed. I gained two pounds. Maybe three. Can I blame it all on the clothes? Nope. We’ve been eating homemade meals in addition to our diet meals. I haven’t figured out how to gauge the calorie count on homemade food. For the most part, I’ve decreased portion sizes but that’s probably not good enough. I say this as I’m determined to make the butternut squash soup and Lion wants to make chicken soup. Are they harboring high calories? No idea.

Like a good boy, Lion reminded me today is punishment day. Does he need to be punished? I’m sure he’s done something to annoy somewhere along the line. Maybe it’s just one of those times he wants me to say I’m punishing him because I want to punish him. Is it different to say I’m punishing him because I’m sure he needs it? It probably is in his mind. I think he needs me to say I want to punish him. Specifically, those words. I want to punish him. I don’t want to. I recognize he needs it. Yes, there’s a difference. I want to eat asparagus means I like asparagus and I want to have some. I recognize the benefits of eating asparagus means I want chocolate cake, but asparagus is better for me.

Can I say I want to punish him? Sure. If I’ve gotten to the point that spanking (hurting) him doesn’t bother me, I bet I can fake saying I want to punish him. It’s all perception.

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