The Reward is Coming

This week I know it’s Thursday on Thursday. It’s punishment day, and I don’t foresee any reason Lion won’t get spanked tonight. I’m sure that doesn’t make him very happy. His poor buns hurt a lot after I’m done.

The strangest thing has been happening. I’ve been able to edge Lion fairly easily. It’s almost like we turned back the clock. For the record, I never thought he was broken, and I certainly didn’t think his slump was forever. I’m not sure even he thought it was forever, although he said it a few times. I can’t explain the change, but I couldn’t explain it when his slump happened either.

Actually, I’m mixing things up. I normally consider a slump when he can’t get an erection, even if he’s interested in sex. There have been other times that he wasn’t interested. What I’m talking about now are the times that he is interested and can get and maintain an erection but can’t quite get to the edge. No matter how long I suck, he just can’t get there. For whatever reason, he’s been getting there the past few times. Well, he’s getting to the edge. He’s not getting “there.” I stop just short. [Lion — Mean Mrs. Lion.]

Last night he said I barely stopped in time. I think I edged him four times. I know he was sweating for at least two of them. It’s nice to have him back. I’m sure he wishes he would get some sort of reward for being back. What could I give him? Don’t worry, my pet. The reward is coming. Literally, I just don’t know when.