Sex Is On My Mind

Life keeps intruding. On Tuesday night Mrs. Lion fell asleep during the time she planned to tease me. Our 13-week-old puppy has badly disrupted her sleep. The dog wants to pee and play in the very early morning hours. Mrs. Lion has been getting up to let her out and provide some recreation. This takes a toll on her energy. I’m not complaining. Spanking me is on the top of her list.

We have a camping trip scheduled in about a week. Our normal trip includes long day trips to explore the area. The puppy can’t be left alone for very long. If we take her with us, we can’t really leave her by herself in the car. That means we will be restricted to our camper most of the time. We may have to cancel the trip or put the pup in a kennel for the weekend. I really want to get away.

Sex is on my mind. Mrs. Lion had no problem edging me. I wonder if my ability to get orgasmic will continue. She says she’s in no hurry to let me ejaculate. I guess I’m in no hurry either. It’s easy to say that now, but when she’s got me sweating and frantic to come, it’s another story. I think she enjoys teasing me. It must be fun to see me struggle to come.  As I get closer to orgasm, instinct takes over, and I focus on the drive to ejaculate. When Mrs. Lion stops stimulating me, it’s always a shock. Oddly, I don’t feel tempted to finish myself. Throughout the years, we have been practicing orgasm control I’ve never wanted to do that.

Some people see that as a sign of submission. I don’t think it is. We have an agreement. It’s part of the game. I’m not allowed to make myself ejaculate. Mrs. Lion has been inflexible about this. She allows me to get myself hard if I want. I can’t get myself to the edge or beyond. We discussed possibly adding supervised masturbation to my sexual menu. It didn’t feel right to either of us.

Mrs. Lion doesn’t like the idea of me masturbating. I imagined it was because I was having sex without her. I took that to mean sex when she wasn’t present. That would make supervised masturbation within the rules. I was wrong. She doesn’t want anyone but her, including me, getting me off. Fair enough. It’s worked out well so far. She has been my only sexual outlet for over seven years. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


  1. The fact is that when you masturbate, your brain is activated, which offers you sexual fantasies to maintain arousal. And here a collision arises. Who do you represent in your fantasies? What if it’s not Mrs. Lyon !? After all, this is a kind of treason! Can this be? How do you feel about this?

    1. Author

      My fantasies go all over the place. Mrs. Lion isn’t always the star. However, she is the only person who I have sex with.

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