My ability to be edged, and if allowed, ejaculate has returned with no fanfare. The last two times Mrs. Lion teased me, she could get me to the brink of an orgasm. Over the last several months, I’ve only been able to get to that point after long waits. I could get aroused but just couldn’t get to the top of that mountain.

Now that I can, Mrs. Lion can make me crazy by stopping just a second or two before I reach the point of no return. On Wednesday night, I thought she went too far. It felt like a ruined orgasm was starting. Nope, no cigar. No stuffed animal, not even a goldfish in a plastic bag. She repeated this at least twice. I lost the ability to count.

The experience is bittersweet. I’m cheated of closure over and over. When she stops, I’m on the bed panting, my cock waving in the breeze. OK, I had fun. The best part of this fun is that I’m ready to do it again anytime my lioness wants to play. Edging makes me a male sex toy. I’m ready and waiting whenever she wants me.

The thing is, I’ve been in this role for almost eight years. I’ve long forgotten that sex is always supposed to end in ejaculation. My biological role has been conditioned out of me. This is different from being locked in a chastity device and prevented from getting erections. That sort of abstinence is more bondage than conditioning. I’ve stopped expecting sex to end with me having an orgasm.

Males are programmed to go for ejaculation. That’s what keeps our species going. I’m deprogrammed. Now, I want and get sex, but it ends almost all of the time without me emitting any semen. My new job is to promptly get aroused and allow my mate to stimulate me until just before I get to fulfil my biological role.

This is more than a game we play. It’s an absolute change. I can’t masturbate, and I am not allowed to ejaculate no matter how aroused I get. Two or three times a month, Mrs. Lion makes me ejaculate. The event is duly recorded here and in a spreadsheet, I’ve been keeping since 2016. It isn’t a romantic celebration of love. It’s just a periodic opportunity to keep my sexual systems fully functional. Mrs. Lion gets me off because she enjoys it. She also has a taste for semen and likes it when she milks me long enough to get some.

Despite her enjoyment of my happy endings, she knows that it isn’t good for me to get satisfaction every time she teases me. Two or three orgasms a month are plenty. More than that will spoil me and make me expect her to make me ejaculate whenever she decides to play with my penis. A good sex toy never expects satisfaction for himself. His job is to be available for whatever his owner wants to do.

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  1. It would be more correct to say that you are not a male sex toy, but a live male sex toy.

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