Lioness Logic

Lion was in diapers all day yesterday until about 4:30 when he asked if he could take a shower. I gave him permission and told him he was done with diapers for the day. I think he’d gone through four or five.

When I was in the shower later on, I thought about pegging him. Maybe that would snap him out of his slump. But he’d spent the day in diapers so pegging didn’t seem like too much fun for him. It had been a while since his balls have been tied up and bondage always sets his heart aflutter. I grabbed a rope on my way to the bed.

I separated his balls with the rope and tied them up. For some reason I got him lopsided. One ball looked so tiny in its loop I wasn’t at all sure I hadn’t missed it, but it was there. No matter. The effect was the same. He had bouncing balls as I jerked him off.

I wasn’t surprised when he got hard almost immediately. Between bouncing balls, tickling balls and squeezing them lightly, he didn’t stand a chance. I got him to the edge at least twice. I was debating whether I should let him come or leave him hanging. On one hand he’d been waiting for over a week. That’s been his average for the year. On the other he’d been in a slump. He can’t possibly be all that horny if he’s in a slump, right?

Lioness logic doesn’t always match up with general logic. Good thing I’m the one who makes the decisions. Lion certainly didn’t argue when I decided to give him an orgasm. Sometimes he questions me, but I think he was just happy to be out of his slump. I’m happy too.

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    I truly love to hear what your logic as the dominant is. Glad to hear that you are feeling confident and happy in making the decisions.

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