The Real Thursday

When Mrs. Lion wrote her post on Wednesday, she thought it was Thursday. A little tense-changing fixed that. I was surprised she has such ambitious plans for me. Our puppy is wearing her out. She wakes up at 5 AM, and Mrs. Lion gets out of bed and plays with her. Sometimes, the dog also wants to go out at 2 AM. Mrs. Lion handles that too.

This leaves little energy for me. Ironically, it also wears out the puppy. After Mrs. Lion goes to work, the dog snoozes curled up between the legs of my desk chair. I want to say that I am looking forward to the Thursday night activities. I’m not. That doesn’t matter. I can look forward to a spanking, an enema, and anal penetration. Thinking about that stuff is a little arousing, but I know I will be uncomfortable tonight.

I’m writing this on Thursday (the *real* Thursday), as you might have guessed. I’m sure that I will love all the attention planned for me. However, just like having a new baby, having a 12-week-old puppy can scuttle any plans we make. Anal play aside, I know that I will get my “just because” spanking. That is a priority here.

Mrs. Lion is committed to spanking me twice a week. We’ve both written quite a bit about why. I think these beatings are having a positive effect on me. I remember the coffee pot every day, and I don’t think I have done anything to annoy my lioness. It’s hard to forget what will happen if I slip. I get a reminder every Monday and Thursday. If I get in trouble, I will get another spanking, or Mrs. Lion will add five minutes to the scheduled “just because” spanking.

I don’t know if this will go on forever. I suspect that eventually, these “just because” spankings will taper off a bit. Maybe not. Mrs. Lion has learned to be determined and strict with me. You’ll find out when I do.